Babies are Home...

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Babies are Home...

And they are adjusting well Yahoo They were discharged yesterday. They both are gaining and feeding great. We are enjoying them so much. He is a snuggle bug and she is the most laid back baby. When I remember how to post pics I will.;)

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What great news, Krista!! I'm so happy to hear it!! I can't wait for those pictures when you do get it all sorted out. Biggrin

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Yipppeee!! Congratulations to you! That is awesome news...and wonderful temperaments...can't wait for photos! But enjoy your busy time with your babies.:yahoo:

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yay! Congrats, cannot wait for pics!

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This is great news! Yay! I am glad all is going well. Don't forget to stop in and say hi over on the Parents of Twins/Multiples board. Biggrin

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congrats!! enjoy those lo's to pieces!

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Congratulations! Wow- the babies are home so soon. That's wonderful!

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Congrats!!! Smile What a special time!

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how wonderful!! I bet you are sleeping(?) better knowing everyone is home Smile