belly pic (xp)

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belly pic (xp)

so i havent taken a pic in a long time so here it my how ive wonder people lookat me like im about to pop!
27 weeks 5 days
27wks 5 days


14 weeks for comparison

14 weeks (twins)

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Beautiful belly!!!! You look awesome!

Yes I get that look from strangers too, a combination of concern & pity. Hahaha... And then I tell them I'm not due until Halloween. It's very amusing.

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You look great!

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You look awesome. I think I was at your point when ppl starting thinking I'm full term! Keep that belly growing.

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Wow, you are 100% belly! You look great! And yes, that's a lot of growth in the past couple of months!! Biggrin

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Thanks ladies....
Granted I still have some time left but I am surprised that I am carrying more I'm my belly than all around, with my son gained everywhere..arms, legs, feet, face , butt LOL..

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When my SIL was pregnant with her triplet boys she went to buy new maternity overalls. The lady at the store said to her not to buy new clothes when she was due any day. My SIL replied that she was only 4 months :eek: The lady just about fell over. My SIL is normally about a size 2 and when she delivered the boys at 34 weeks her belly was 54" around :eek: