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Thread: Belly Shots and Nursery Photos

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    What a great idea to have a photo sticky Ava

    Here is my progress:

    11 Weeks

    20 weeks

    24 weeks

    28 weeks

    31 weeks

    33 weeks

    34 weeks

    36 weeks


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    I've only taken one pic so far...
    24 weeks...not sure on measurements (was measuring 29 at 21 weeks though)

    Seeing all your pics freaks me out at how huge my belly is gonna get

    Lilypie 1st Birthday PicLilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

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    Lisa, you look wonderful!
    Mommy to DD (9 years) and DS (9 years)

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    Default This thread looked lonely! Here's mine!

    8 weeks

    10 weeks

    12 weeks

    20 weeks

    23 weeks

    23 weeks again
    Rylan 05/26/04

    Jackson and Anthony 10/04/07

    Born @ 34w 2d... NO NICU!!!!

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    Default Re: This thread looked lonely! Here's mine!

    Kelly Nicole - love the belly pics!!!
    2 girlies so NOT the same!

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    Great pics Kelly! I love seeing progression shots!
    Mommy to DD (9 years) and DS (9 years)

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    Kelly, you look amazing! I wish I looked that goodd pregnant! lol

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    Kelly you like awesome. I didn't do that many belly shots when I was pregnant -- I wish I had. But my belly wasn't nearly as cute as what yours is Keep up the good baking!!
    Stacy (30) ~ DH Doug (31)

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    A little bit about me....DH, Brad, and I were married in May of 2000. He wanted to start right away trying to start a family. I wanted to wait a bit. Had I known how hard thigns would be...I would have started then. After 2 years of marriage we began to try, thinking that all we would have to do would be DTD and eventually all would work out. Well not so much for us. After many tests and drugs and about 2 miscarriage and many disappointments, a DX of PCOS, we stopped trying. It was too much on my body and too much emotionally.

    That January 2004 I had a cyst rupture, I also began to work on losing weight and just taking some maintenance drugs for my PCOS. On April 24th we found out we were pg with our daughter.

    What a blessing. She was born in January 2005 by c-section 2 weeks past her due date. We found out within a couple of days that she had Craniosynostosis of the metopic suture. Basically the suture that runs down the middle of the forehead was already fused shut when she was born. She had to have major surgery when she was 4 months old to correct this.

    You can see how her little forehead was peaked looking.

    a little blurry and she is still a little puffy but you can see how her forehead changed.

    She is a perfectly fine 2.5 year old today, eagerly awaiting becoming a big sister. which brings me to why I am posting on the November 2007 birth board.

    We decided not to do anything to prevent a pregnancy after Josey but also that if after she was 2 years old we were not pg we would re-visit our RE to begin to more actively try again. In May of 2006 I revisited the PCOS clinic that I had been attending, met with a nutritionist and started trying to get my body ready for the process of getting pregnant. I lost 30 pounds, no before and after sorry!, and began to take maintenance drugs more faithfully again. In December we did our first round with the oral fertility drug that my body responds too but in too small a dose. I did not ovulate and was pretty disappointed as I thought this may make things tougher this time around. I was not sure I could go through all that again.

    In February I started again. I took the drug and we "timed" it all correctly. This cycle was weird and I was sure it was a bust. I felt really bloated and in pain around the time I should be ovulating so I called the clinic to let them know that I thought I had a cyst and could I just come in for a P4 to make sure I had ovulated. The nurse told me she thought I had O'ed twice....I thought she was nuts!

    I went in for my P4 and it was through the roof, 50 to be exact. This meant I had definitely O'ed and even possibly had O'ed twice as the nurse thought. That Wed. I took a pg test and it came back positive. I was elated but surprised, my DH asked if it was a real positive...still not sure what he was thinking. I told him that I only knew of real ones.

    We found out at 7 weeks that there were two babies in there....I had started wondering. I got pretty big pretty fast, I had some exaggerated symptoms but overall was just an instinct that something was different.

    And here we are. Here are some pics of my belly progression.
    8-10-12 weeks

    14 weeks

    16 weeks, Josey hugging her babies.

    18 weeks

    20 weeks

    22 weeks

    24 weeks

    and here is my belly button progression starting at 20 weeks....

    and of course a couple of baby shots!

    here they are at 16 weeks

    and 20 weeks

    Baby A--Okey

    Baby B--Dokey
    Brad since 5-13-2000

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    I never posted my belly pics here when I was preggo. So I will post them now so you lovely ladies can see what you have to look forward to!

    11 weeks

    16 weeks

    19 weeks

    21 weeks

    24 weeks

    30 weeks

    35 weeks

    I didn't take any after 35 weeks - I guess I was just too tired! I delivered them at 38 weeks so I know I got bigger than the 35 week pic.

    I miss my belly

    Sean and Emma 10/24/06

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