Big and Tight and Uncomfortable

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Big and Tight and Uncomfortable

I'm sorry to be a whiny brat at 22 weeks when I know some of you have been achy for much longer ...

I'm suddenly feeling MUCH bigger and I have reached some critical size that is stretching out my scar from a spinal surgery 10 months ago. My back is starting to hurt and my belly feels like I'm in a never-ending contraction. I can't even fathom this going on for another few months and going back to work when the school year starts.

I just ordered a prenatal cradle. Did this work for anyone? Is there anything else anyone can recommend?

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You are allowed to whine at any stage, you are pregnant with twins...its so much harder.I complain constantly. I'm so sorry you are having a hard time. It is so hard working when you are carrying two babies around, I won't lie. But every week is a milestone and it puts you that much closer to their arrivial.

I got a pregnancy wedge for sleeping but I didn't find it help only because I have to keep switching side and have to move the wedge at the at the same, bit of a pain in the butt really. I haven't tired the cradle though, but it looks like it would help.

Take it easy and try to enjoy the pregnancy, it goes by so fast. I only have 4 weeks for sure before they are here.

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Thanks, Krista. Last night was completely miserable and I knew you guys would understand. Beyond the big, hard belly, I was up most of the night getting beat up from the inside. The kicks were so huge I had to wake my boyfriend up to feel it because it was just so unreal. I sometimes feel like I cannot relate to the complaints on my monthly board, which are mostly about non-supportive dads (my boyfriend is crazy supportive), when I have a play on a Shel Silverstein poem stuck in my head -- there's too many kids in the uterus.

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I saw the title and thought you were posting about me Wink
Everyday is getting harder and harder.... I should only have about 2.5 wks left, but I'm not sure how I am going to make it....I think I have hit the WALL :confused:
The only thing that I use to sleep is ~4 pillows that I just flip flop around the bed as I move. I hope you find some relief soon.

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I've got a Snoogle. It's awesome!!!!!! Great support & it takes up less room than the 4 pillows I was using before.

I also have support belt. It's very uncomfortable when sitting but if I'm going to be doing a lot of walking it does really help. Takes som pressure off my pelvis, squeezes my hips a bit & helps my back out.

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I feel the same way I don't know how I am going to make it another 3 months!

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Any and all whining is permitted and expected, I daresay.:)

I am feeling the same way...I don't know how you ladies "ahead of us" are surviving.

I have given up trying to get comfortable in the bed and am now camped out in the recliner that DH dragged up to the bedroom for me. It helps tremendously, but I still get up 3-4 times to pee and hurt when I roll over. It definitely helps with the awful reflux I am having though.

My back has really been hurting as well. I got the cradle thing--but had to exchange it for a larger one.:( I really am bigger than I realize I guess. It is ok, but it does kinda pinch a bit. I agree that it probably does take the pressure off your back. Mine has these straps that come down across your chest that are quite visible with most things I wear...:confused:

And yes, I hear you on the wild kicks as well....and they are still less than 2 lbs each!! What on earth is it going to feel like in a month's time?:eek:

Anyway...we relate!! we relate!! Hang in there!

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Keep hanging in there. I had the velcro support belt and that helped when walking quite a bit. For sleeping I'm sure I had more than four pillows! :). The best one was a totally squishy down pillow I stuffed under my belly for support. I loved that pillow - left it at the hospital house we stayed at until coming home with the kids. About cried b/c that pillow stuck with me thru the whole pregnancy. Crazy but that's how important that pillow was!

As for work, I can't imagine. I was on moderate bed rest by that point so truly can't imagine. Just keep keeping on. It will all seem so long ago once they are here.