Biggest Buy yet ... and paranoia

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Biggest Buy yet ... and paranoia

So.... if I havent fully introduced myself which I think I have - My name is Jill and I am 32, DH and I are both active duty military and have 2 DD's. Our plan was to have 1 more and as with any fertility treatment comes the possible blessing of multiples and are pregnant with twins (one boy, one girl).

So yesterday, I traded in my car for a mini van! I needed something that could fit 3 carseats (DD#2, is 4 but super petite so not even close to a booster seat yet), DD#1, and of course DH and I. I had so much anxiety about it... I was like what if I am jinxing the pregnancy by buying so early - but really I have so much on my to do list to prepare, if I dont just keep trucking at it getting prepared, I am likely to go into early labor for being a freak of last minute items LOL, I am panicking about finances - I mean with us both being on active duty right now we are ok, but after my shore duty tour, I am due to go back to sea so I have been considering getting out and trying to find a job (that I know will pay less) but can work around DH schedule or something to keep the kids at home and out of daycare? Thats not for a couple more years but its still in the back of my mind - can Iprovide for my kids without the struggle? I am afraid of what if this is more than I can handle, although I know that will pass once I get into a routine...I think with the mini van purchase, it was like a flood of all the worst case scenarios and all the things I still havent done or bought in prepartion for their arrival and I am only 17 weeks!! Smile

I am guessing this is normal, I suppose I just wanted to vent to people I know understand or who have been there... Any advice, is really welcome Smile

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I bought a small SUV while in labor. Literally. My water broke four hours after we got home from the dealer. So I guess my advice is don't do that? And you didn't. Yay, good job! Wink

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"triplespiral" wrote:

I bought a small SUV while in labor. Literally. My water broke four hours after we got home from the dealer. So I guess my advice is don't do that? And you didn't. Yay, good job! Wink

Imagine your water broke while shopping!

We were the same as Shelia (although not to that extreme) in that we left buying a new Vehicle days before we gave birth. We kept putting the car buying business off and ended up not ordering our SUV until July and it didn't come in till Sept. 1 and they were born Sept. 6. So good for you for taking care of it now. Look at it as one less stress to have later in pregnancy.

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Same as you, Krista. Started lookin about a week before their birth, except didn't buy until a week after. I think 17 weeks is a good time - time to get used to it and make sure it's best for your fam.

Good luck!

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Me too! I trade my car for a monivan yesterday Smile

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"krista83" wrote:

Imagine your water broke while shopping!

I knew I was close so I actually brought a dog blanket to sit on!

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Our twins were number 3 & 4 also, and we had a Grand Am before that, so we needed something new as well. Thankfully at about 17wks my aunt gave us her old minivan, for free. We had done a bit of car shopping before that... but yeah, free is always better. Smile

As to job stuff... we have four kids, and I get to stay at home. My dh does not make tons of money, but we make it work, and day care for 4 could sure be costly. See if you can make it work. Wink

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You are lucky. We bought our Camry one year before we found out about the twins. Since you obviously cannot trade in and get what you owe in a loan, we have decided to stick it out until the car is paid for completely. This means that I drive around with 3 kids wedged in the back of the car. We had to buy Sunshine Radian carseats for the girls (which I completely love carseats we have purchased) and my DS is still in a 5-point. We are attempting to move him to a booster, but it is going to take some rearranging of the seats and we will probably have to buckle him in (which we are not used to doing since he can buckle himself in to his 5-point). I am praying that we can get a mini-van next summer. I was hoping for this summer, but DH nixed that idea because we still owe on the car for one more year. Sad

I do want to add that we really do fit in our car. I know most people think that you cannot fit that many kids in a car when they all need carseats, but you can. My stroller fits great in the trunk and there is even room for a ton of groceries with the stroller in the car. It really does work. We just need space to cart around my DS's friends. We are getting to that point with his age. Plus, it would be nice to have space for my parents when they come visit. Right now, they have to meet us at our destination because there is not room for anyone else in our car and they cannot climb into our Trailblazer very well.

As for all the rest, I know it will all come together. It always does.

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We bought a mini van last summer.Decided with my 2 older ones and the friends that come along, it was time for a bigger vehicle. I guess its a good thing as the twins will make baby #3 and #4.Before I drove a 3rd throw cross over which would have fit all 4 but I am glad we ended up with the van. I was also the same person that swore I would never drive a van and omg I love that thing!