Birth story... LONG!!!!

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Birth story... LONG!!!!

35 wks 1 day
Leah Claire 8/23/11 ~ 1:03pm ~ 7.7lbs ~ 19 1/4 in
Jocelyn Kate 8/23/11 ~ 1:04 pm ~ 6.10lbs ~ 19 1/4 in

So the evening of August 22nd I had a couple strong contractions, but nothing that I found too alarming although 1 was the worst I've had all pregnancy. I went to bed like normal and around 1am 8/23 DH came in to grab a tshirt. I heard him and also realized that I was having a contraction at the same time. I kept quiet and tried to go back to sleep, but that wasn't going to happen for awhile. I continued to have mild contractions for the next 30+ mins. and was in and out of the bathroom several times. I went ahead and lined my bed with towels just in case my water would break and tried to get some sleep. I was able to sleep on and off, but was woken up often with contractions and having to go to the bathroom. The contractions were the worst in my back and caused me to have trouble getting into a comfortable position in bed. I began to wonder if this was 'it' but I also knew that I had an NST scheduled for 9am at the hospital and figured I could hold out until then and I did. I got up and worked for ~ 1 hr and told DH what had been going on. I told him that I would let him know if things changed and I went to my appointment.

Once I checked in for my NST I told the nurse I was having random contractions and what had been going on all night. She got me nhooked up to all the monitors etc and sure enough I was contracting every 2-3 mins and they were lasting about 60-80 sec. After about 20 mins the on call midwife advised that I should rehydrate orally and see if it slowed the contractions and also gave orders to check my cervix. I had not shown any progress @ any of my previous OB appts, but with this check I was 1 cm, 70% thinned and the nurse could feel the baby hand and was actually able to count her fingers! She went ahead and called and reported her findings to the MW and I drank the ~60 oz of water which really didnt do anything. I told the nurse I had an appointment with my OB @ 10:15 and she passed that along to the MW because obviously I wasn't going to make it (it was 10:15 by this time). So I just sat back and tried to relax and watched the monitors like a hawk! LOL ... around 10:45 I got a call on my cell from my OB's nurse and she asked where I was! I told her I was @ the hospital and having contractions, no one had told them! She said that she was going to let my OB know, OK. So @ 11:05 the Hospital nurse comes back in and says that my OB had called and that he wanted me to stop drinking and not to eat anything else. He was going to come over at lunchtime and do my section :eek: I was in SHOCK! I really figured that they would try and stop the contractions as I was only 35wk 1 day. I said OMG.. I have to call everyone! So I called DH and my Mom and started to send text msgs to everyone (I was supposed to return to work). From here it was a blur...IV, shave, labs, 1000 questions etc. DH got there in about 10 mins and I just started to cry, I was so nervous the babies were not ready to be born and would have to go to the NICU. He was a great support and the nurses were great too! Around 12 my OB came in and scanned me and we got ready to go back for the csection.

They had a hard time getting my spinal in because I was so jumpy, I just hate needles! Finally they got it in and they laid me back... I could still feel them touching me and quickly let them know! They tried moving the table in different positions etc to help, but I could still move my toes on command! They actually told me that if it didnt take within 2 mins I was going to be put to sleep, I started crying all over again. Thankfully even though I could move my toes I could not feel any pain, so the surgery finally started. Baby A was born Leah, she was born at 1:03, I heard her cry and I lost it! HAPPY TEARS!!!! Everyone in the room was commenting on how large she was, it was like a little party. My OB didnt care for this and yelled "hey we still have another baby to deliver"! Baby B Jocleyn again was a great size and everyone was talking about that, but I could hear my OB talking about blood and other odd things. Turns out that Jocelyns aminotic fluid had alot of blood in it, he said it was a placenta leak and that had we not delivered the placenta could/would have abrupted. I also was bleeding alot and had to get some meds to slow things down. Including high doses on Pit in my IV for the next 24 hours.

Once in recovery I was freezing and shaking uncontrollably. As a matter of fact I was shaking so bad that I did not feel the earthquake that happened just 50 mins after the girls were born! The lactation consultant came in after about 20 mins and brought Jocelyn in and we were able to start nursing and she did great! I was advised that Leah had low blood sugar and would need to remain in the nursery until they got her stablized, which was about 4 hours.

Once they brought Leah out I realized that the spinal was not working and my pain was getting bad! I was having alot on afterpains and they were severe! After a couple hours of suffering they got a Demerol PCA hooked up and I felt alot better. The girls are great nursers, but my milk just wasn't coming in. We had to use a SNS supplementing system in hopes to encourage my milk to come in, but it took forever (Sunday night to be exact). The OB was ready to send me home on Friday, but the Ped wanted the girls to stay because their wt was dropping. I was able to stay another 24 hrs and we all got to come home on Saturday, during the hurricane! SH calls the girls the "natural disasters" because they were born during an earthquake and came home in a hurricane.

We went in for a wt and color check on Monday and after a bili test realized Leah would have to go back into the hospital for phototherapy, her levels were at 19.6. Thankfully we only had to stay ~20 hrs and then got to return home.

The biggest concerns has been their wts.

Leahs birth stat 7.7 lbs 19 1/4in...@ discharge she was @ 6.10lbs and dropped to 6.4 lbs before coming back up to 6.10 on 9/2

Jocelyns birth stats 6.10lbs 19 1/4ins @ discharge she was @ 6.1 and dropped to 5.15lbs before coming back up to 6.1 on 9/2.

We are still working on their wts and they are getting 1 oz of formula a couple times a day, but I am determined to breastfeed these babies.

All in all they are good babies, but are 3rd shifters and like to be held. The other kids are settling in well and we are just so happy with our completed family. We realize how blessed we are and that the ending of this story could have been SO SO much worse had Jocelyns placenta abrupted. God is good and I am so thankfyl my OB did the section when he did!

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Thank you so much for sharing. Really. I love reading these twin birth stories (even though it scares me to pieces at the same time!) I got teary seemed so calm through all of it!!

Congratulations to you!!!! And such beautiful girls. Glad that their weight is coming up and to hear you are sticking with your plan to bf. I plan on doing it as well--even though I am prepared that it may be difficult. Some folks try to discourage me, but it is my intent to give it my all.

Take care!! Hope that you are healing well. And again, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful birth story Smile

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Thank you so much for sharing, Erin! I love that they're your natural disasters ... how cute! It's so great to know that it all worked out so well and everyone is home, healthy, and happy. I loved reading your story and shared with my boyfriend, too. How crazy to me that this whole pregnancy thing really ends in small humans coming home with you! Biggrin

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Congratulations! Thank you for sharing and good luck! Smile I can't wait until it's my turn!

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Congrats Erin! Thank you for sharing your story with us.They were big little girls, good for you. And I'm glad their weights are coming up and that you are continuing to BF. I hope I am determined enough like you to continue with BF, I really want to and its inspiring knowing you are doing it. BTW, your beautiful girls and I share the same birthday!

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Thanks for sharing your birth story, brings back so many memories for me. Smile Keep at the bf, my babies have all lost more weight than the ped likes to see. My boys both started at 5lbs 60z, and left the hospital at 4lbs 14oz, I think, and their weight came back up quicker than my first two, and we really did not supplement at all (maybe 2-3 bottles in the hosp each). I think my milk came in quicker with it being two. Keep with the breastfeeding, and if you have any questions that I can help with, I would love to. Breastfeeding twins has been such an awesome experience. Smile

I am so glad your doc did deliver you then and the girls were such great weights! Where are the pics?? Smile