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Birth Story - Warning very long

On Monday July 4th, I was 35 weeks, 3 days. I went to L&D at my local hospital for my NST at 9am. I was having regular contractions 5 min apart for approx 1 min in length. They were strong enough I could feel them but not strong enough to take my breath away. After my NST was finished, they decided to keep me and monitor me for another hour with an IV. I was also to be checked before and after the additional monitoring. Well, with the IV my contractions slowed and became irregular. Before and after checks were the same at closed to maybe a fingertip. I was released to go home.

On Thursday July 7th, I was 35 weeks, 6 days. I went to the local hospital for an u/s, NST and OB appt starting at 1pm. I was starting not feel well at work that morning. I picked up lunch on the way to the u/s but just couldn't get it down. The u/s was miserable. I couldn't breath laying flat on my back and if I tried to roll to my side my hips/pelvis area would hurt very badly but I toughed it out. The u/s showed baby A was measuring 37 weeks, 4 days and 7lb 3 oz. Baby B was measuring 36 weeks, 6 days and 6 lbs 10 oz. After the u/s and while at the NST, several people made comments about how I did no look well. I was thinking it might be the on start of labor as I felt the same way the day I went into labor with Izzie. However, I was 1 day shy of my goal of 36 weeks - which is what I had to hit to be able to deliver at my local hospital. During the NST, I was contracting regularly again. Dr decided to check me after NST but I was still closedto maybe a fingertip. She did set a c-sec date of July 15th, when I would be 37 weeks (she was leaving fo a week long vacation the day after). She said she had talked to the university dr's and they said it would be safe for her to deliver my twins at any point now. However, after talking to me about how I was feeling and discussing her work schedule (she was scheduled off for a three day weekend and the other dr in the clinic would be on call) she decided she would just deliver the babies tonight at the end of her shift. However, it dawned on her I was 7 hours short of being 36 weeks, so she would have to ship me to the university hospital. She told me if I was still having contractions and still feeling bad at midnight to come in to L&D and she would deliver the twins then. I went home and the contractions were pretty miserable. I took two baths in the whirl pool bath tub in my room to relax and try to get them to start. I told myself if I could sleep through the contractions, I would not go in. So I took some tylenol and got in the bath. I seemed to be able to relax and get some sleep. My dr called me twice from her personal cell phone to see how I was doing. She was just as excited if not more to deliver the twins. She had never delivered twins at this local hospital because they always had to be shipped to te university hospital for one reason or another. On Friday she had the nurses call me and check on me. The contractions were still coming just not as strong and more random. Something else strange began to happen that weekend as well. My blood sugar levels were really low regardless of what I ate. They got so low I ended up cutting back on my medicine until I wasn't taking it anymore. It seems as if overnight my gestational diabetes had disappeared.

I made it all the way through the weekend so I decided to go to work on Monday morning (July 11th) to finish up some stuff before I went on maternity leave. I knew I was still having contractions and I knew I had an NST today at 3pm, so I decided to pack my bag that morning and put it in the car before I left for work. I wanted to make sure I had a camera on hand just in case. I also did not eat lunch, as you cannot eat for so many hours before surgery. I wanted to be ready if she decided to deliver them. I just had a feeling the dr would take them at the end of her shift. Well, the NST showed regular contractions again and it showed a couple of spots where Eastons heart rate was slowing. When I was checked I was a full 1cm dialated. When we talked about the low blood sugar levels, she told me it was a sign the placenta(s) are in the process of dying. She said with the u/s results from last week and the information she had this week, she thought it was better to just deliver them.

The nurses rolled me down to L&D from the clinic. I called my husband and told him what was going on along with my mom. I asked her to pick up DD and keep her until we knew a time or it got closer (I didn't think DD could sit still that long). This is when things started to go not as smoothly as desired. The surgical nurses came in to get me around 5 something. You could tell they weren't exactly thrilled to be stuck over at work. They were trying to cover up how they really felt but you knew what they were thinking. I got the spinal and although it did not hurt very much, it took him forever to get it in right. It wasn't a smooth process. While in there is was kind of choas. For some reason they couldn't use the big surgical room so they were trying to retro fit the small one. They could not figure out how to get both baby beds to work in the room, so they took one of them out and put them in another room. Then they decided they needed them both in the same room and brought the bed back. They then worked to retro fit it. I in the mean time was just kind of watching all the chaos. When the dr came in and started to get ready to cut she asked if I could feel this (knife in my belly), well down low I could not, up high I could. So they tilted me backwards to get the medicine higher up. Eventually I could not feel the tip of the knife but I knew I could still feel more than I could when I had my csec with DD. During the csec, I started having lots of pain, I asked for more medicine, he gave me more but not fast enough, I started to feel sick so he gave me something for the nausousness. The babies were born but were taken straight to their beds and I did not get to see them. With DD she held her over the curtain so I could see her before they checked her. I was able to bear the pain while my babies were coming out but afterwards was torture. I kept telling them I could feel too much, I was in pain but it never went away. They were doing a tubal on me and I could barely stay on the table. I was clinching these metal poles on each side of me trying to get through the pain. At the beginning of the tubal they took the babies out of the room and my DH left too. I didn't get to see or hear how the babies were doing. I was never so relieved for anything to be over in all my life.

After I got out of the OR, I was in recovery for a half hour or so before I finally got rolled into my room. Ashton was in the room but Easton was not. They said both babies initally were OK but Easton started having some breathing problems so they were watching him more closely. My mom, my maternal grandma, my DD and my DH were all in the room. There I finally heard their stats. Easton was born at 6:16pm weighing 7lbs 7oz and was 19.5 inches long. Ashton was born 7lbs 0oz and was also 19.5 inches long. My family tells me you can tell the difference in the boys but I still haven't seen Easton (he is also the one I never saw an u/s scan of his face either. He was always hiding). They also told me both boys had the same blood type, O+ so I needed another Rh shot. It wasn't long before they brought Easton back in the room and said he was fine. They did say it was rare for Baby A to have breathing issues, it is usually baby B. They gave the babies a bath and told me to rest.

Unfortunately I didn't end up getting much rest that night. They kept checking my urine output and it was low, so they kept giving me IV fluids. I would go through a whole bag in just under an hour. I think I went through 7 bags of IV fluids that night and my urine output never went up high enough. Eventually they ran a blood test and determined I didn't have enough blood. So they started giving me bags of blood too. They had to run another IV for the blood. The nurses came in to start the IV but were having a hard time getting it as I was too swollen (too much fluids not leaving the body) and ended up going through a couple of veins before they got the second one in. The bags of blood took a long time to input, I think it was about 2.5 hours per bag and then it was always followed by a small bag of fluids. I also started a fever sometime through the night so they started me on 3 sets of anitbiotics (given by IV) also. I think each bag takes about 30 min. To get my urine output up they gave me some sort of pill to make me go pee more but it also screwed up my digestive tract and I was full of gas and the runs (sorry if TMI) when I couldn't even get out of bed. I had an IV in each arm going continuously, a cath in to measure output every hour, and I was so sore I could hardly move.

When the dr came in the second day I hadn't had much sleep at all and was in pain. She felt my stomach and decided my uterus was way high and full of a large blood clot. She decided to do a procedure to remove the blood clot. Basically that was to put her hand up in my uterus and pull it out while I was laying in bed, the only medicine they would give me is morphine, they wouldn't put me out. They warned me over and over it was going to hurt like hell and they weren't joking. Imagine the worst pain you have ever felt in your life and multiply it. She asked me repeatedly not to hit her because she said that would be my first reaction. I gripped hold of the sides of the bed and screamed while she attempted the first time. She didn't even get up into my uterus. The second time they asked me to relax as much as possible and it would go faster. She attempted again and got into my uterus but I couldn't keep my hips on the bed. I was crying/screaming. It felt like she was at my throat. She was crying for me because she felt so bad. She gave up and ordered a surgery for me so they could put me out and they could do a D&C. They surgical nurses came and got me for the D&C (a different set) and we got to be in the good surgical room. They put me right to sleep and I was glad. I didn't feel anything and I got a little bit of sleep. When I got out of surgery, I felt better. I still needed more blood and more antiobiotics so the IV's continued. I think I got 4 bags of blood total. I was still sore and still suffering from digestive tract issues. I was humiliated as I had to use a bed pan several times. After this trip to L&D I have no pride left. I was hoping to get my cath out by the end of the day but when my numbers came back in, no such luck. My output still wasn't high enough.

That night the nurses did the best they could to let me sleep as much as possible. They would come in and check my urine and change IV's as quietly as possible not to wake me. They did help me to get out of bed twice to go #2 on the actual potty instead of in bed which was nice too. I was hoping everything would be normal by the morning.

This morning when I awoke I was feeling pretty good but my blood numbers were still low. I needed more blood. I asked to take the cath out and at first they said no. There was a problem getting my new order for blood because when they took my blood sample it came back positive for an anitbody (which is because they gave me that RH shot) so they had to send it out for more testing before they could give me the blood. I asked for a shower, so the nurse helped me arrange a shower with IV's in both hands and a cath. I just had to put on glove and tape them up so they didn't get wet and put the cath bag at the bottom of the outside of the tub. After the shower, the dr decided I could get my cath out as long as the nurses continued to measure my input and output. Which basically meant I just had to pee in a bowl. Things were looking up. I got a shower, got the cath out, got to put on my own clothes, and got to move around a bit before the blood was approved to give to me. I got the blood and the antibiotics this afternoon. One of the IV's started to blow up my hand, so they had to take it out. I am down to one IV in my right hand. I finally could get around enough to spend some time with the boys, which is really nice. My digestive system slowed down this morning and everything looked like it was heading for normal.

However, after dinner the nurses turned in my urine input and output numbers and they are going the wrong direction. So the cath had to return and I am back in a hospital gown. This made me slightly depressed. Then at 10pm they had to check my blood again and it also was not high enough. At 10:30pm they decided I needed to prep for a CT scan to see where the blood is going, so I started to drink some stuff I needed for the new orders. Then after about 10 minutes of forcing this down, the dr called back and decided not to do the CT scan tonight, she wants me to sleep tonight. So the nurses are on strict orders not to distrub me and to help me sleep as much as possible. I am depressed because I feel like I am going backwards and still no one seems to know what is going on. I am very frustrated at this point. I was supposed to get out of the hospital tomorrow, but who knows what will happen now.

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Oh Jennie! I am so sorry that this has been so difficult for you...the pain you have been through.:( I hope that things improve quickly so that you are able to get to feeling better, getting some rest, and getting to enjoy your two very beautiful little boys.

I am terrified about the pain of it all myself as I don't seem to respond well to pain meds, and have "felt" pain before for an operation when I was supposed to be numb.

Take care.....I really hope things improve for you today. And thanks for taking the time to write that all down with all you are going through...

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Congratulations on your wonderful boys, Jennie! Thank you for sharing the photos and a glimpse into your experience. The entire ordeal surrounding their birth sounded so stressful and painful. I'm terribly sorry you had to go through all of that. I hope today is a better day with some answers on the blood loss, plenty of sleep, and time spent with your boys.

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Jennie, I am so sorry you have gone through so much, and still are! Sad I hope you have more answers and much better soon! Please kup!

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Oh you poor dear!! With my daughter, my c sec was similar to yours in that, I felt so much pain and they couldn't do anything about it. But once it was over, it was over!! I can't imagine what you are going through right now. I am sending you thoughts & Prayers to heal and get well quickly so you can start enjoying your boys.

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I'm so sorry that you are going through this, you should be enjoying your LOs. thank you for sharing your stories and I'm sending prayers for more speedy recovery. I hope you get more answers. Congrats, they are very cute.

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Jennie sending you healing prayers! We never expect us to have the complications, I know that I am always concerned with baking these girls as long as possible! I hope the MD's can give you some answers soon!