Bleeding & Kicking

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Bleeding & Kicking

I had some bleeding last night. Not a lot, but any is too much for me. I called the OBs office and the message said something like, "You can get transferred to the on-call doctor but realize that they're going to charge $25 and then not be able to give an opinion over the phone and will tell you to go to the emergency room." So I just went to the ER. At 20 weeks they send you to L&D, but I'm 19 weeks 6 days so I had to stay in the ER. In any case, the babies appear to be fine. They couldn't spot any problems with the placentas or anything. I had the worst nurse who couldn't draw a blood sample from my hugely bulging veins without jab jab jabbing me and leaving a giant bruise. It's annoying because the bloodwork all came back abnormal anyway because apparently I'm the first person ever to have twins and they don't know what to do with my results. Also, it turns out baby B is a total jerk to baby A already -- I'll have to show you the artist's rendition of my ultrasound.


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Sorry that you had that scare!! Yeah....ER's really don't seem to know what to do with pregnant ladies in general---and especially those that present with anything out of the ordinary. I had a horrific experience when I was only 8 weeks along...anyway...I don't think you could pay me to go to ER while pregnant again! My OB apologized and concurred that ER's really aren't able to properly handle pregnant women in distress--I went with my bleeding hematoma.

Really glad that both your LO's are ok....your "artist" rendition had me laughing because that is exactly how my little two are as well. My poor little girl (baby A) is head down and my boy (Baby Dirol is stretched out taking all the room up top. I feel him kick and squirm all the time, and I just feel little flutters from baby girl down low.

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I haven't had any bleeding with the twins but with my first I had constant bleeding, enough that it looked like I still had my pd. They took me off at 8 months and the bleeding completely stopped. I was just over working my body and causing myself to bleed. That may be whats happening to you. Try taking it easy and seeing if the bleeding stops.

You picture is hilarious. :ROFL:Thats what my daughter was doing to her brother in the starting, now he has gotten feed up and is doing it back to her! They are so squished in there, you feel so bad for them.

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I am sorry you are having bleeding. Any amount of blood is scary regardless. I haven't had very many good experiences in ER's so I can only imagine your frustration going.

You picture is very funny. It made me laugh.

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Sorry that you had a scare. I went to the er for early bleeding (5wks, but with two consecutive m/c I freaked lol). And the doc had the worst bedside manner, asked if twins ran in my family and then told me I lost one, obviously she was wrong. Then they charged me for an iv I did not receive and had to fight, so I feel your pain there.

Anyhow, I hope the bleeding quits for you. And yup, my boys were the same, poor baby A came out with torticollis from being stuck so low in my cervix.

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Omg the drawing is exactly how I feel somedays