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I've noticed that a lot of us have blogs. Anyone interested in listing all of our blogs in this thread?

I'll start, but I have to warn you, ours is mostly just a place to share pictures with family members these days and we don't update nearly enough. We started it originally to keep our family updated on our TTTS pregnancy, so if anyone is interested in TTTS, feel free to read the archives

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Sure, mine's in my siggy. But here it is

ETA **feel free to link us**

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here's ours. it's for keeping far-away family and friends in the loop.

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I'm at:

Great idea!
Feel free to link to it!

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No longer public.

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we don't have a blog but we do have a website

Feel free to link us!

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mine is in my siggy... but here it is
my husband is the one who updates it for our family since we dont live near anyone due to the wonderful:rolleyes: navy

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Here's ours. Please feel free to link to us if you'd like!

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Ours is basically for pics for out of town family -I suck at updating the journal anymore :oops: but I was good when I was pg. PM me if you want the password to get to the pictures Wink

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here is mine. I am with Kelly on this one . . Please feel free to link to us if you'd like

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You can link me too!

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bump, so people can edit with posting permission.

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This is great girls! I did not realize you stickied this! I will have to go add these to my site, so I can keep up to date on everyone!

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Mine should be peeking out in my siggy just below Smile

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Smile :)

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Finally got my blog on!

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Mine isn't all about the boys...yet! I'm sure at some point (like when they get here!), it will be. Smile

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Ok here is ours. Don't laugh, I'm not all that good with html yet.

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I don't have a blog, but my boyfriend does. All the pregnancy experiences from a male point of view. Biggrin

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Our blog is at
Our youtube site with baby videos of our triplets is at

Our triplets are 3 months old now. We carried to 35 weeks 6 days and everyone was over 6lbs