Braxton-Hicks Contractions at 21 Weeks?!
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Thread: Braxton-Hicks Contractions at 21 Weeks?!

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    Default Braxton-Hicks Contractions at 21 Weeks?!

    Hi MOMs!
    I started getting BH contractions two weeks ago after a long day at a wedding and have had them off and on since then. They seem to be triggered by almost any kind of activity... even as little as sweeping my patio! Has anyone else had experience with BH this early? My dr. checked me today and everything else looks good but he said to definitely take it easy. If you had BH early, did you deliver early? Did bed rest help? I'm kind of worried. Thanks ladies!
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    My situation is a little different, but I was put on moderate bed rest at 20 weeks. Due to my being a teacher and our spring break I actually stopped working at 18 weeks. My moderate bed rest included a LOT of couch lounging, going out to lunch, and some shopping. Shopping was the hardest and I usually used a support band, the real band, not the belly bandit thing.

    I would say def take it easy. Are you still working? I guess my advice would be listen to your body. Stop doing any housework and just relax/rest. Trust me, I know it's hard - but the babies are more important than sweeping right now. KUP!
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    I have had some as well and was really surprised how early I was having them. But at last check my cervix was long and closed, so no worries. But definitely don't overdo it....and drink lots of water, that helps relax your uterus.
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    I second Steph, take it easy. I never felt a whole lot of BH contractions with any of my pregnancies, so I'm no help there. lol
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    I did not have BH with DD and I just started getting BH with the twins a week or so ago. They make me nervous and I am close to 35 weeks.

    I would make sure to take it easy and drink lots of water. A lot of singletons on the birth boards have BH as early as you are having them. I know it is more common earlier and earlier with each pregnancy and I know not drinking enough water or resting enough can bring them on.

    Drink plenty of water and stay well rested.
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    My BH contrax started with both of my twin pregnancies around 15 weeks or so. It's pretty common. Take your doc's advice and take it easy though.
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