Braxton Hicks, more often with twins?

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Braxton Hicks, more often with twins?

Quick question, how often does one get Braxton Hicks when pregnant with twins? I mean, are they more common, more often? The past two nights I've had them and it's a bit worrying. I just hit 19 weeks today and see my specialists on Monday. I'll mention this to them but hoping they subside over the weekend. I did increase my water intake and trying to rest a bit more. I just don't recall having them like this, this early with a singleton pregnancy.

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Yes, I had frequent contractions from 16 weeks on. Actually, they started earlier when I was lap swimming. Maybe 14 weeks? I was told to stop exercising at my appt at 16 weeks. Mine became "real" contractions (cervix changing) at 26 weeks when I had to stop working and go on modified bedrest. Then I was contracting whenever I stood up for more than a minute or two. I had some major stress at like 32 weeks and the contractions were crippling. And the end of twin pregnancy is just one long insomnia contraction with lots of eating.

Oh yeah and I see Krista's note ... even with all that contracting + bedrest I made it to 37+6.

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Yes, definitely, I think my braxton hicks started around 18 weeks and never stopped after that. Although, at first I just felt frequent tighten, about 28 weeks, I started getting cramping associated with the tighten. I wouldnt get too worried, I still made it to my induction at 36 weeks Smile

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I have lots and lots! My doc says to make sure I don't have 6 in an hour that last 45 seconds or longer.

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My experience thus far - YES! I noticed the same thing, if I over do it in anything they kick in... the last couple weeks I am feeling alot of things that in my last 2 pregnancies I didnt feel until 3rd trimester

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I was just wondering about this I had hardly any with either of my other two pregnancies. This time I get them everyonce in awhile and its never more than 1 or 2 .

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I had a lot of BH with my twins starting at about 15 weeks. Drinking a ton of water helped. I also did my best to keep from overexerting myself unless I was exercising. I paced myself when I went shopping for groceries and such. I would get a lot of BHs just from walking around the store. Crazy! I never went over 6 in an hour though. I always carried water with me. It got old, but I would get water wherever I could. I would even beg McD's to give me a large cup for water. I just showed my belly and said that I was pregnant with twins. LOL Usually, they relented.