Car Seats & Hospital Bag

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Car Seats & Hospital Bag

When are you guys getting all of this baby gear ready?

I have car seats but we still need to hose the bases down. I have no idea how to install them but I guess we just sort of figure it out, right? When should we do that?

As far as a hospital bag, I know some people go all out but I'm sort of a minimalist who would prefer to use most of the hospital's gear. I'm still sorting out what the real essentials are and what luxuries I might want. I know I'll want a camera, obviously, and I guess I'd like to have my robe and some snacks. I've seen giant lists out there in internetland, but does anyone have a pared down list of what to actually bring? When should I get this all sorted?

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As long as your DH is really good with reading directions, he can probably install the bases to the car seats the day you bring the babies home. If not, you will want some practice with getting the bases in the car, and then loading and unloading the bucket seat (if that is the type of seat your purchased). Also, grab a stuffed animal and practice buckling it in the seat. A teddy bear or a baby doll are good. Sometimes, the latches and such can take a little practice. I didn't practice before my DS came along and when I tried to do it myself (after DH went back to work), I was a little lost. Now, it is so easy that I wonder how I ever had problems with it. Biggrin

As for what to bring, I think everyone is different. I took my own soap, shampoo, and conditioner. What the hospital provides is really basic, or at least it is here. I also took facial cleansing wipes because it was hard to bend over the sink with all the IVs and such after the c-section. I also took books and magazines. There isn't a ton of time for reading, but on occasion I was glad to have the distraction. With the girls, I swore I was going to wear my own PJ's, but then I had the sciatic nerve issue and the gown was just more comfortable. I did take my own robe. I also took makeup, but I never put it on. I was just too tired. I am sure there are things that I am forgetting.

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With my dd I took way way way too much junk to the hospital...

this time I am going to go the minimalist route...
Phone/Camera and chargers


Robe, with slippers!

Snacks for dh!

paper and pencil for keeping track of visitors and thank you notes to write.

going home comfy clothes for me Smile

Thank You note for the L&D staff!! (i will send dh for a fruit platter the day we leave Smile )

thats it for me!

for the babies I am taking hats made by my sister, and going home outfits.

Jackets/blankets/carseats will come up later

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I didn't use half of what I packed and I didn't pack much. For a robe they gave me a second gown so one facing forward one over the one facing backward. I never wanted to get dressed b/c I was tired, uncomfortable, and just blah...getting dressed wasn't big on my list. Our mother baby unit provided a kitchen with snacks (and the best soup for nighttime) I didn't pack those either. He also got some of my hosp food most of the time too. Makeup, never used it, but I did LOVE having my own travel sized soap and shampoo - and it wasn't even my brand or anything, just what dh picked up in the travel section at Fred Meyers. There was just something about my own shower stuff. I don't know what I did all day, but maybe turned on the tv for an hour. Didn't read. I think if I wasn't in the nicu I was pumping, eating, or sleeping. Of course, will probably be a bit different with twins and if they aren't in the nicu.

I can say I had my bag out with the extras I could pack, like the soaps and then I had a list next to it of the stuff I couldn't pack early like my phone, chargers, deodarant, etc. It took me less than 5 minutes to go down the list and toss the rest of the stuff in. I did have all my stuff in my bedroom since I was staying with my mil though. No wandering the house to gather. Was so easy I didn't stress while packing the bag. Of course, I didn't really think I was going to deliver that day either... lol

As for car seats. My dh did a test install a ways beforehand, then we installed them the day before coming home. We had a car seat test since they were in nicu, but I can say with them so small I was always worried about them in the carseat. Once you snug the straps they slouch. It's so much nicer and easier now that they are more "regular sized" (8-9 lbs).

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I am a minimalist as well, but then I ended on hospital bedrest for a month, I had ppl bringing me stuff all the time. lol. We brought so much stuff home! Smile But even in the month stay I only needed my own shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razor (if its just a 3-4 day stay, I wouldn't even shave. lol. My sister shaved my legs for me, since i could not bend that much lol). etc. I rarely wore make-up, and needed contacts/glasses, camera, battery charger, and take home outfits. The hosp gives you tons of samples here, so we had binkies, diapers, sofnet wipe things and a diaper bag. Most of the stuff I had ppl bring me was to keep me entertained for my long stay.

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All I had when I got to the hospital was my toothbrush bag, which had my toothbrush, toothpaste, travel size deoderant, shampoo, conditioner and facewash. It's our travel bag we use for trips lol..I had conveniently brought my laptop as I was supposed to be there for a few hours only and had ny camera as well...the hospital provided a robe and that's all I really used LOL

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I loved having my husband's laptop with me with my last one, helped pass the time where I just couldn't sleep but baby was... and I got to get on Facebook to post and stuff, it was just nice to have lots of options.

But yeah, robe, snacks... I think I had music too and that was nice, but that wasn't a twin birth, so I don't know that I'll bother with that this time.

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Good to learn!! Hope I remember in 20 weeks, thank you!