Child Care?

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Child Care?

I just found out that we are pregnant with twins and I am in the military while my plan is to roll into the reserves after my shore tour, I still have 3 years left on shore duty as of right now. We also commute - 70 miles... no traffic we can do it in just over an hour but traffic? Could be 1.5 hours or more... I was considering the base daycare might be a little better financially but I already am getting up at 0500 every morning just getting me ready - and then a local daycare might cause a problem - will they be open early/late enough? I was thinking how much would a nanny be or I thought about the Au Pair program that I seen online? My mom lives with us but with her MS, she is unable to care for infants like that - the good thing she would be able to help and oversee whats going on to make sure they are being properly cared. Anyway, long story long - does anyone work with young twins and if so, what works for you all? Thanks!!

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You sound like me. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I started stressing about daycare. In canada, it will cost me 120$ a day for daycare for the twins and DD1. And more once summer starts. We have come to the conclusion a nanny is probably the best fit for us. Plus day cares don't take babies until they are 15onths here and I have to go back after a year. The great thing about a nanny is that you don't have to wake the poor babies up and if they are live in its cheaper because room and board come out of their pay. Hope this helped.