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Coming Soon

My blood pressure is rising and there's a new size discrepancy between the babies, giving reason enough to induce this week if I wasn't already 50% and 2 cm. The boy should be good but the girl hasn't grown well over the past month. They're still lined up for a vaginal birth, which would be ideal for the girl's lungs. There's a possibility she'll need assistance breathing. They'll check them again early next week if labor hasn't already started on its own by then.

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WOW ... I hope you get to vaginally deliver. Prayers are headed your way for a safe delivery.

Last chance to get things done at the house... or rather get others to do things for you. Can't wait to meet your little ones Smile

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You are so close! Hope you can deliver them vaginally!

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Eek, how exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

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YAY can't wait to hear the babies have arrived safe and sound. Good luck with everything, KUP Smile

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Exciting!!:) (Well, duh, not about your high BP or baby Girl's size, obviously) But exciting you will be meeting your babies soon!!! Sending prayers and positive energy your way!! Hope all goes well and you get to deliver vaginally, but as long as you and babies are ok, that is key!!

I really am so excited for you!! Do you know what day?

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I am sorry to hear about BP and baby girl not growing well. That is where we ended up with Sarafina. She just stopped growing in the last month. The girls were 1 lb, 2 oz. different in their birth weight. That is why we delivered at 37w, 2d. Of course, at almost two years, there is almost 4 pounds difference in their weights. The gap keeps getting bigger. On our home scale, K weighs 25 pounds, and S weighs 21. Who knows what their weights are on the doc's scale though. How big is the discrepancy btw their estimated weights?

Please keep us posted! It won't be long now. Biggrin

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Still pregnant!

Their weights are estimated to be about 1.5 lbs different, but neither are tiny. The boy has been and remains 2 weeks ahead of my actual pregnancy. The girl used to be about a week ahead and is now 1-1.5 weeks behind. Hopefully it's not a big issue, but they'll certainly be watching her for breathing and feeding issues.

I went in for a nonstress test today and both babies passed. The fluid level is a little low but not dangerously or anything so they'll be checking that again if I'm still pregnant later this week. The placentas are starting to calcify a bit so that probably explains the fluids and size discrepancy. I'm contracting every few minutes but nothing is happening just yet so they're going to make a decision later in the week if I need to be induced. They still think I'll go into labor on my own in the next few days. I hope so!

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Oh my this is all soooooo exciting!!

Sending lots of hugs and prayers your direction !!