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So clearly this is a question for my OB who I will see on Thursday, but I'm wondering what your experiences were with contractions. Every time I swim, have sex, or just walk around the block, my belly tightens up for a couple of minutes in what I assume is a contraction. It doesn't hurt, but it feels weird and it makes me want to lie down and rest. I guess I don't really know what I'm feeling and it seems so early to feel contractions. Did you have similar experiences?

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Not too early for contractions at all. Definitely sounds like it's braxton hicks. I had them worse through the middle of my pregnancy than at the end!

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Yeap it sounds like BH. Whenever you get them you are supposed to rest and drink lots of water to help them go away.

I didn't have BH with DD but I did have them with the twins. They told me they are more common in subsequent pregnancies and in multiple pregnancy's.