Cramping ...Need Advice

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Cramping ...Need Advice

So around 7:00, I got sudden cramps (kind of like AF cramps) in my front and back. I would be more worried, but as of yesterday my cervix was long and tight. I feel the babies moving, but I'm still just a little worried. No bleeding though.

I know I don't have to go to the bathroom (I tried) and I'm not constipated. Any ideas of what it could be? Could I be dehydrated? Or just growing pains again?

It's too early for BH, right? I mean I'm only 20 weeks (although measuring about 23.5-24 weeks).

Just a little nervous and looking for reassurance.

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It's not too early, I'm afraid. I started getting BH at 16 weeks. By 18 weeks they were intense and I was restricted from exercising at all. I did have one minor stress-induced bleeding episode at almost 20 weeks but it wasn't related to the cramping and my cervix was fine. I continued having BH constantly while moving or standing (I'm a teacher so that was all day) and they did nothing to my cervix, which was still fine when I went in for monitoring at 26 weeks. A couple of days later, "real" contractions did start messing with my cervix and I was placed on home rest. They felt EXACTLY the same as the BH contractions.

ETA: Shoot, that sounds like the least reassuring response ever. Sorry. My point was that it's not too early for BH contractions but that they did nothing to my cervix. I found that pretty much anything sets off BH contractions, so lots of rest was necessary for me and you might need to make some changes to get relief. For sure ask your doc. When I brought it up to the doctor it seemed like such an afterthought to me since I thought it was normal and he immediately told me that it wasn't normal and to stop exercising. Still, my cervix was totally fine for another couple of months.

ETA2: Yeah, sorry, I'm terrible at making this sound reassuring. You're good. Just figure out how to avoid them! Smile

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Nothing is normal with muliptle births, everything happens whenever it wants. I got BH at 24 weeks with my singleton but got them much later with the twins. Hope that thats all they are and nothing to be concerned about.

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Thank you - I hope you're right. I think that's what it may be. I drank four glasses of water and they quickly became less intense. I'm wondering if I'm just dehydrated. I'll KYP!

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Lay on your left side and keep drinking water. Remember that you need to drink close to a gallon of water a day to stay hydrated with multiples. So, keep water close to you. If those cramps become something you can time, start timing them. It will help your OB's office determine if you need to come in. My peri told me that if I had 4 BH or regular contractions in an hour, I had to call right away.

I am sure that all is okay, but if you are concerned call your OB. They will tell you what they want you to do.