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I have some weird cravings when I am pregnant...
When I was pregnant with DD1, I love califlower and the smell of dirt! I would smell potatoes because of the dirt on them and would go into my MIL basement because they had a dirt basement.
With these guys, I love crushed ice and the smell off Lestoil (so much, that I am constantly cleaning to get the smell)

Just curious, what are you're cravings???

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Orange juice was a big one for me. I never used to like orange juice and now I think it's alright, but there were several weeks there (I think from week 8-14) that I NEEDED orange juice. I guzzled it before barfing, after barfing, and the occasional short moments between barfs. There was a time I figured orange juice probably accounted for 50% of my daily calories. Now I drink a lot of milk (a gallon takes me 2-3 days) and can always go for another bowl of ice cream.

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I have not really been craving much. I will say lately what I do want is mexican food!