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Doc appt schedule

DOes the frequency of doc visits increase with multiples? Or do we still go once a month until 28 weeks and then every 2 weeks abd then 1 a week like a reg pregnancy? This is probably a dumb question but oh well! I just had my 12 week appt and she scheduled my next one for a month after that. Also did you get an U/S every time? Or did they just try to find 2 HB with the Doppler?

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I had an appt every two weeks an informal u/s done by my MFM once a month and a formal u/s once a month to check on size. And then at 34 weeks I went every week (which only lasted 2 weeks because I delivered at 36). Every doc is different. I know a lot of ladies on here had NSTs often near the end but I never had them. And I was never measured because my doc said it didn't mean anything and he never did the Doppler because you cant tell for sure whose heart beat it is. I'm not sure how it works in the states but in Canada you start with your GP and then at 28 weeks you start seeing your OB but with multiples you start seeing an OB right away.
Hope this helps.

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I had U/S with every visit and yes, billions of visits by the end. NSTs twice a week and ultrasounds one per week. It got insane.

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I did monthly until maybe 20ish weeks, and then about every 2wks after that, or so it seemed. I had two u/s, at 18wks and 28wks, and then I ended up on hospital bedrest at 31 wks, so things changed then. I had u/s every week or so, and NSTs 1-2 times a week.

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I went once per month until 24 weeks. Every two weeks until 32 weeks. Weekly from 33 weeks on. I started NSTs and BPPs at 32 weeks. I had an u/s to check hbs every visit, but only a big (as in the hospital charged for it) u/s once per month to check growth, fluid, placenta health, heart health, and organ developement. I exclusively saw a MFM/Perinatalogist though. I did not see a regular OB ever. That was my choice. I did not trust many OBs in the area where I live and given that it took us 3 years to get pregnant, I was not taking any chances. It seems that care varies depending on your practicioner and your health. I was very healthy and I made it to 37w, 2 d with my girls. I probably would have made it longer, but Sarafina stopped growing near the end. At least it seemed that way. She is super petite, so it is probably just that she was built small. I am glad I had a MFM for my care though since we found out that I had a uterine window during my c-section. That is an area of the uterus that gets stretched too thin and could rupture. He had to repair it.

Oh, and I would advise not allowing anyone to try to find 2 hbs with a doppler. It is isn't very reliable. There is not telling whose hb you are hearing and you could miss one of the babies.

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I can't remember my exact schedule right now but I was going to the dr all the time.

I know from the beginning I had an u/s every 4 weeks.

I know I went to see the dr, monthly then every other week then weekly.

I know at the end I had NST's twice a week.