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Even Better

Things just keep getting better. We finally sold our house, which is a huge weight off our shoulder. Our vehicle is in on wed. so no more struggles getting in and out of our 2 door Honda and 2 weeks and I'm done work. Just wanted to share, I'm so happy. On the down side, I'm not sleeping so its making the work day VERY long. Other than that, I'm completely peachy:)

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*Jealous* Wink

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Yay! I'm glad everything is looking good with fewer stressors now that you're nearing baby time!

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Yeah for you! Double congrats on the sale of your house - not an easy feat at this time.

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very exciting! Smile

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Woohoo...to all 3. The vehicle thing was a huge stressor when we had DS. I used to cry trying to get him into the back of a 2 door Chevy Cavalier. By the end of the struggle I'd be sweaty & teary & ready to go for a sleep. So YAY for kicking the 2 door to the curb!!!

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Congrats on all of the above! We could never do it now, but I loved my two-door vehicle. I am short though, so I just stood in the backseat and buckled my DS into his carseat. We are in the market for a minivan soon. We are trying to wait another 6-12 months if possible. So, for now, we are roughing it in our Camry with 3-across the backseat. Still have figured out how to get my son into a booster with the two convertible carseats back there. He is in a 5-point for now.