Feeling "Off"

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Feeling "Off"

I'm just not feeling right. My morning sickness came back and I'm having low blood pressure epsiodes more frequently. And I am utterly exhausted, even more than in the starting. I'm barely making it through the day at work. I always weak and am having trouble eating. And I know this is probably TMI but I haven't had a solid BM in about 2 weeks.

Anyone else feeling "off" as well?

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I do know m/s can come back at the end of pregnancy. I know from about 30 weeks on I was exhausted all the time. Your body is probably as big as a singleton pregnancy full term. It could be you are just worn down because your body is doing more than what most people have to.

I also know not having a solid BM can be a sign the body is getting ready for labor. You may want to contact your dr with your concerns. I don't want to scare you but your post gives me the impression your LO's may be on the way soon. I will pray that is not the case though. Definitely KUP, I will be thinking of you!

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Hope all is well. I think 30 weeks is when my morning sickness came back terribly, and add to that the heartburn that became horrendous, and yes, I felt awful most days. I was on hospital bedrest because of pre-term labor and such, but I don't think I could have functioned had I not been, so I hope your feeling of being off does not last. Wink But yes, if you really feel off, check with your doc. KUP!

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I think if you are that concerned I would check with your OB, but I will say that these last couple weeks have been the hardest so far. I am getting so uncomfy. I waddle around b/c my pelvis and hips hurt! I cant bend and I cant roll over in the bed! Some days I am hungry and others I dont want to see food! The girls can be so active at times that it makes me feel nauseated! My feet and legs are swelling and I have had to take off my right hand band. IDK... these last few weeks I can tell are going to be a struggle and yes I definately feel "off" in comparsion to the rest of my pregnancy however, I know this is normal complaints, but I am determined to keep these girls in until they are ready to come home with me! I am praying for no NICU stay!!!!!!

Wanted to add that I am on double iron so constipation is a bigger issue for me. Thankfully I dont suffer from MS, but exhaustion YES! It has come back with with its head reared!!!!

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Jennie-I have an appt tomorrow with my OB so I'm going to bring up the BM "issue". I think I might have just gotten a bug. And I am the same as you were, I want to buy slip on work boots but I don't want to spend the money! By the time the day is over my legs are swelling over the boots!

Rachel-what did you do to cope with MS again, I thinking about going back on the pill ( I always forget what its called!)

Erin-I'm the same as you, I hate how I feel right now but I will deal with it because I want them in there as long as possible to advoid the NCIU.

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I threw up till the end. It's not fun but I don't know what can be done about it... I think it's normal to not feel "right" during these last weeks.. I sure felt that way. Also, I don't know how you are still working! More power to you, I had to stop at 28 weeks and I was barely doing more but working from home at that point to begin with.

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This is me too. Can't feel even just ok. It sucks!