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    What did you do while you were on bed rest?:

    Watched a lot of TV & became 100% addicted to The laptop was a life saver!
    Watched TV
    talked to my DH, read magazines, complained
    watch TV, sleep, eat!
    slept, read magazines, watched movies, eat!
    Read a lot of books on multiples, and watched TV.
    read, TV, slept

    lots of internet surfing and researching baby stuff, sew, read, watch TV
    Played on the internet, read books, watched TV, ate.
    Read magazines/books, watched TV.
    I worked from home - layed on the couch on my side and put the computer on a chair.. was tough to type - but I did it.

    watched A LOT of T.V., checked in with a lot and did other "twin" research on the computer, read books (novels and twin guide books), and cross-stitched.
    watched A LOT of TV!

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    How far along were you when you delivered?:

    31w 1d
    36 weeks and 6 days
    37 weeks
    36 weeks 6 days
    31w, 6d, 10hr, 58m (but lets just call it 32w)
    36 wks, 6 days
    36 weeks, 4 days
    38 weeks
    37 weeks
    34 weeks, 5 days
    Don't know exact week/days
    38 w 1 d

    30 weeks
    34w and 1 day
    33 weeks 2 days
    exactly 33 weeks.

    36 weeks exactly
    36 weeks

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    If your babies were preemie, why did you deliver early?:

    We delivered early because G & E had not grown from 28w-31w, also G had cord blood flow issues (giant knot) & I went into labor I was scheduled for the next day already.

    My water broke

    Preterm labor and if my water had broken, a prolapsed cord


    my water broke (baby A)

    I had been on the highest dosage of terbutaline and nephedipine since 27 weeks, and the contractions weren't subsiding. I woke up Jan. 10th having contractions every 2-3 minutes. When I got to the hospital I was dilated to 4!

    6 wks early aprox. Bad Ice storms and I was dilated to a 2 or 3?

    my water broke

    Preterm labor

    Twin to twin transfusion.

    I delivered early due to preterm labor.

    I delivered early because of placenta previa. The placenta was breaking down.

    My water broke

    (technically they were pre-term, but I wouldn't say "preemies"). I started to dialate, so they did the c section 'cause I was miserable and they couldn't really send me home even though I wasn't THAT dilated.

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    Vaginal or C-section? By your choice or the Dr’s?:

    C-section. The Dr almost gave me a choice- for about 30sec (since I was already 10cm dilated), before I was wheeled to the OR because only one of the girls was head down. I was told from the beginning that with triplets it would be an automatic c-section so I didn’t know what to think when the Dr considered letting me try vaginal.

    Vaginal, by choice and the fact that I got to the hospital 10 cm dilated.

    C-section, my choice

    I was in labor for 13 hours but I was not progressing pass a 7 so the doctor said C-section

    C-section, doc's choice

    c-section, my choice, the babies were both head down, but the stress of an induced labor with no guarantees of a vaginal delivery on me and the boys was too much to face

    C-sec by choice

    C-section because of breech babies

    Vaginal!! What an amazing experience to deliver 2 babies right in a row!!

    C-section; Dr's choice. baby A was more than a pound smaller than baby B. The doc didn't want to take the chance of stressing the smaller twin, so he opted for the section.

    C-section. Dr's choice with a willing participant, both babies were breech.


    Vaginal by my choice, I'm soooo glad that I did it this way and that it worked out!

    c-section by Doc's choice. Baby B watch breech and he needed to get them out quickly. If I had gotten to 32 weeks and it was as big of an emergency, he would have let me try vaginal.

    c-section, it was compulsory so doctors choice I guess

    C-section. I guess the Dr's choice? I wasn't given any options.

    C-section. Ari was breech.

    c-section - technically my choice, but come to find out would have had to have an emergency c-section to deliver baby b (Olivia) anyway. My uterous grew around her head. No worries though - she was and is completely fine!

    C-section because baby A was breech- We were both in agreement that that was the best thing.

    C-section. O was breech and I was terrified of something happening if she couldn't be "flipped". Plus, in the end, they had to come out a couple of days early due to spike in my bp.

    C-section...automatically b/c baby A was breech.

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    Did your babies spend time in the NICU? If so, why & how long was their stay?:

    G spent 5w in the NICU growing & learning to eat, she also had small apnea/bradicardia episodes. C spent 10w in the NICU she had a harder time getting past the A’s & B’s. E spent 5w 3d in the NICU for the same reasons. They were all transferred from the level 3 to the level 2 unit after a week.

    They spent a week in the infant nursery.


    not really, Gilbert was having troubles breathing (breathing to fast when he was born so they were watching him in the NICU for two hours to make sure he was going to be fine

    Preemies, Gracie spent 2.5w and MoJo spent 3w

    5 days (our entire hospital stay), they had a bit of heavy breathing immediately after delivery and received pressurized oxygen in the OR, but were fine on arrival in the NICU, they also had low blood sugars initially and were being administered IV fluids and antibiotics due to me being Group B Strep positive. They were off the IVs in a day, but were being kept for observation.

    No, they were 6#11 and 6#9 at birth.

    Sean stayed overnight because he gulped some amniotic fluid during the c-section but was back with us by 6AM the next morning

    Nope! They came out screaming and they were perfect. We went home with them just a few days later. They never even needed any oxygen.

    No, they stayed in the special care nursery for a couple days just for monitoring and antibiotics.

    No, but Chasen did have apnea so we had to monitor him at home.

    no they were perfect! thank god!

    NO, thank God.

    They both spent 6 weeks in the NICU. Both were intubated, then had vapotherm and c-pap. Both had no sucking reflex, lots of Apnea and Bradycardia spells, and Bella developed a skin infection while there.

    they spent 3 weeks in Special Care Unit.

    Yes, all three. Madeline stayed for 2 weeks, Ian for 3 and Emma for 4. Maddie was off of all oxygen by the next day. They all needed time to learn suck/swallow. Ian and Emma were on oxygen for a bit longer, CPAP then high flow cannula. Ian had a hard time keeping his body temperature and Emma had severe reflux making it difficult for her to keep her feedings down and gain weight.

    Bri was in NICU for 2 weeks. Arianna was in there for 3 1/2 weeks.


    My girl spent a couple hours for low glucose. My boy spent 36 hours for low glucose and low body temperature.


    No, they were big (6.5 lbs. and 7 lbs.) and healthy. One was a little jaundiced, but was fine.

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    Did you breastfeed?:

    I tried but was never successful. Latch & supply issues. I stopped pumping at 6w.


    only for the first week

    yes for 6 months

    Only socially nursed

    sort the hospital, we fed using nipple shields to allow them to latch on, but on arriving home, they never successfully latched on without the shields and finally, didn't like the shields either. I decided to simply pump and then bottle feed...less tears and stress for all parties involved.

    Yes, for 6 1/2 months


    I tried, I really did, but it just didn't happen.



    yep, exclusively, still do.

    yes, 4.5 months and going strong although my supply has seemed to drop

    Yes, still breastfeeding at 17 months

    tried, they wouldn’t latch so I exclusively pump.

    I pumped and BFed as much as I could for the first 8 weeks or so. Emma had to have thickened feeds, and Maddie had major nipple confusion issues. I eventually switched to BFing Ian exclusively because he was the only one who would latch on. He is still my booby boy at 7 months.

    I pumped and breastfed for about 5 months.

    for about 3 weeks

    Yes, and still am after 3 months. I had to supplement with formula for a few days because of the low glucose levels, but both babies were able to breastfeed well, too. I didn't get to breastfeed my boy until he was out of the NICU, but he took right to it, thankfully.

    Yes, for about 2 wks. There were latch issues and my supply was just not keeping up with demand, no matter what I did.

    Yes, for a year.

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    Fraternal, identical or questionable?:

    1 frat (E) 2 questionable but most likely frat (G &C) (girl/girl/girl)
    Frat's (boy/girl)
    Fraternal (boy/girl)
    Fraternal (girl/boy)
    Fraternal (girl/boy)
    fraternal, but very certainly brothers! (boy/boy)
    identical (girl/girl)
    definitely fraternal (boy/girl)
    Def. identical (boy/boy)
    fraternal (boy/boy)
    Frat (boy/boy)
    fraternal (girl/girl)

    Fraternal (boy/boy)
    Fraternal (boy/girl)
    identical (boy/boy)
    Fraternal (boy/girl/girl)
    questionable. It was never confirmed (girl/girl)
    identical (girl/girl)

    Frat (boy/girl)
    Fraternal (boy/girl)
    questionable...couldn't tell if there was one placenta or two that had fused (girl/girl)

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    What items do you recommend for a mommy-to-be of multiples?:

    Good pillows, the book- “What to expect when you’re expecting twins triplets or quads”, lots & lots of rest

    Bouncer seats, a rocking chair, bottle propers and a swing.

    great doctor that you are comfortable with, What to expect when Expecting for multiples book, stocking up on some diapers to take the load off the budget once they are here…great water bottle that you can carry around with you, actually 2 because you will get pregnancy brain and lose at least one for sure!!!

    What to expect when Expecting for multiples book, buy lots of diapers before you have them (I bought two packages each month I was pregnant), drink lots and lots of water.

    Swings, Snuzzler by Kiddopotamus (since most twins are relatively small at birth), Swaddle Mes, a nice big savings account, whatever help you can get!

    Dr. Luke's book, Cheryl Lage's book, "Twinspiration", rest as much as possible ahead of delivery, if possible, prepare dinners to freeze for easy meals later, line up help!

    Eat when you're hungry, sleep when you're tired and take it easy. Pregnancy is not an illness but you do have to be careful of preterm labor.
    STAY AWAY FROM INTERNET SEARCHES, you will only scare yourself!

    Lots of reading material in case of bed rest!

    Plenty of bottles if you are bottle feeding, you go through them FAST!

    "Twinspiration", "Ready or Not, Here we come!", "The Secrets of the Baby Whisperer". These books are MUST READS! Oh and LOTS of lotion and a WATER bottle!!

    2 swings, 2 bouncy seats, heck two of everything if you have the space

    carrier, double snap and go.

    Lanolin if you plan to breastfeed

    A nursing pillow, two bouncy seats

    definitely stack up on diapers and baby Einstein DVDs - MINE LOVE THEM.

    Baby Papasan seats are great for really small babies when they first come home, we love the Baby Papasan Swings also - we have two. I also like the Rainforest bouncy seats and the Aquarium travel swing.

    Boppy breastfeeding pillow. Graco bouncy seats.

    lots of calcium and water!!! loose clothes!!

    Bouncy seats, swaddling blankets, good double stroller that allows you to attach car seat carriers, possibly swing or swings, depending on your babies take to them...(might want to start with one and test before spending money on another one. Neither of my babies liked the swing much, fortunately ours was borrowed. Other moms can only get their babies to sleep in a swing and find them VERY valuable). Also, a good nursing pillow if you are going to breastfeed. I recommend the EZ-2-Nurse pillow. One play-gym for floor and tummy time.

    Good books about twins & multiples; plus, "Happiest Baby on the Block" and "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" - those were my lifesavers Also, buy diapers in advance and even some gift cards for yourself to BRUs, Target, etc for last-minute items!

    Miracle Blankets! They are awesome! And the Arm's Reach cosleeper.

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    What are some things you consider Must Have items for new mommies of multiples?:

    Good swaddling blankets, I could not have survived without bouncy seats & bottle props, a stroller to get you out once in a while

    Bouncer seats, a rocking chair, bottle propers and a swing.

    Pack-n-play to use as bassinet, swings, bottle proper (2), HELPERS, tons of bibs and even more blankets…man we ran out in the middle of the night quite often…it never fails that their diaper leaks or they spit up every feed in the middle of the night! hehehehe

    a swing, bouncy seats (2), tons of bibs and burp cloths, bumbo seats (2), exersaucers (2), and a twin nursing pillow

    Swings for sure, Swaddle Mes, and bottle propers

    bouncy seats, swaddling blankets, preemie clothing, a sense of humor, a sense of patience with yourself

    Lots of burp cloths, preemie clothes, a good breastfeeding pillow, a patient daddy, lots of diapers. We loved our 2 swings, and 2 bumbos. We only had one bassinette and the girls loved to be snuggled up together. Good blankets for swaddling (a little stretchy), pacifiers.

    Swings, bouncy seats, bottle propers - if you are bottle feeding lots of bottles so you don't have to wash them constantly

    Bouncy seats, swings, 2 boppys (to sit them up in), lots of diapers and onesies!

    Swaddling blankets, a good pump (if you're going this route), lots of help, a crock pot, and wubbanubs (the BEST pacifier-they're great for infants and for telling who's paci belongs to who!!



    The Combi double stroller and at least 1 baby Bjorn, I can get ready for work in the morning as long as only 1 is away because I put my make up on, etc while one baby is in the Bjorn. Oxi clean

    A nursing pillow, two bouncy seats

    swings and swaddling blankets.

    Patience, a sense of humor, and Baby Einstein.

    A book on parenting twins/multiples. I found the what to expect book to be useless when it came to having twins.

    swings! swaddles!! bottle props and loud white noise cd

    Bouncy seats, good nursing pillow (if nursing), and for me swaddling babies were very good sleepers from the get-go because of the swaddling, but not all babies are that way.

    2 bouncies/portable swings; lots of kimono-style t-shirts (my kids lived in them the first few wks); Miracle blankets for swaddling (these were the only thing J & O couldn't get out of)

    Mylicon, Gripe water, and LOTS and LOTS of patience. And obviously car seats and a double stroller. And at least one swing...I needed two! And PACIFIERS!!!

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    What are some items you found completely useless with your multiples?:

    Personally I found the swaddle me or miracle blankets a waste of money, they were way too big for my girls & by the time the girls were big enough to fit in them I had the folds down

    I don't remember

    bottle warmer, swaddle blankets (it really is not that hard!!!!!), regular bassinet (too small)

    Single bottle warmer - I should've asked here what everyone did and used a crock pot instead - it can warm up more than one bottle and is half the price!

    nothing yet, although the swing isn't a big hit...

    rocking chair (it was too narrow for all 3 of us), 2 of certain toys

    We found the bassinet useless because they grew out of it so fast - so far everything else we have used

    We never needed 2 cribs. The boys love sleeping with each other too much and we never did separate them while they were still in their crib.

    My twins are still young so I don't know if I can answer this yet! I'll let ya know!



    Podee (so far I have yet to use it) I've heard great things about the freedom it gives you but a friend of mine's twins never learned to hold their bottles because she always used the podees. I may use it on a road trip but we have yet to take one.

    the microwave sterilizer - nothing fits in there!

    nothing really, yet, but we never use our change table

    Any bouncy seat that you can't bounce with your foot.

    Swings. My twins hated them.

    bouncies, podee bottles

    bottle warmer (I nurse, but do bottle feedings of expressed milk regularly. It's so easy to warm them just in a hot cup of water). If formula feeding , a bottle warmer may be useful.

    Steam sterilizer for bottles (just use dishwasher); complicated outfits (like dress/hat/bib/shoes/etc) for NBs...just get lots of footed zip-up sleepers!

    Bouncy seat...mine hated it. And I bought those bottle propper thingies, but my girls would never take a bottle, so they didn't get used.

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