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    What items were you glad you had multiples of & what items do you feel you wasted money on by buying more than 1?:

    glad to have 3 swings & bouncy seats, didn’t really need 3 exersaucers & never really got use out of the playpen (we had an old style square one not a pack & play type, the girls always hated being fenced in though)

    I was glad I had 2 cribs, 2 bouncer seats and the boppy pillow.

    Glad to have- SWINGS, and exersaucers…the only waste of money I found was buying name brand wipes and diapers…we use Target brand and they have been great!!

    NEED bouncy seats , bumbo seats, exersaucers.

    At this point, I'm thrilled I had the swings, and everything I bought two of, I was happy to have. We only have one Pack n Play and I'm considering another since we plan on spending weekends away once the babes are a bit older.

    bouncy seats

    Glad to have- 2 carseats, 2 swings, 2 bumbos, 2 excersaucers, 2 jolly jumpers, but everything else we pretty much have one of and they are learning to share/take turns. I love my Chariot double stroller and you can get little snuggli's to fit in it so that they can go in the stroller when they are really little too.

    I am glad I got two of everything. We were fortunate to have a lot of generous people at our shower. So far we have used both of everything we got.

    We needed the 2 swings and 2 bouncy seat. Only needed 1 crib and 1 infant tub.

    My twins are still young so I don't know if I can answer this yet! I'll let ya know!


    Glad to have- 2 bouncy chairs, and two carriers. We had a lot of stuff from older DD and friends handed down a lot. we were lucky.

    Wasted money on- too many 3 month clothes, they barely wore them before they were ready for 3-6 month clothes

    Only needed 1 swing and exersaucer

    cant answer that one yet, could be 2nd crib though.

    Glad to have- Baby Papasan Swings and seats. Wasted money on- the swings that don't have a cradle swing motion.

    Glad to have- Graco bouncy seats and my double stroller. Wasted money on- Swing. My ds loved it but the girls didn't like it all. I'm glad that I didn't waste my money getting another one.

    Glad to have- two swings, two bottle props, of course, carseats, two swaddles, two bottles/paci's, two cribs, two exercsausers. Wasted money on-Only need one play mat, girls didn't like the bouncies at all.

    2 bouncies/portable swings - allowed me to shower during the day those early weeks

    Glad I had two swings and two cribs. I actually think we had just about what we needed, and used it all! 2 swings, 2 cribs, 2 high chairs, two carseats, 1 double stroller

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    Pregnancy after multiples?:

    the magic 8 ball says- “outcome unlikely”
    Um, no thank you; three is enough…
    I would like to…
    I'd like more
    at two weeks after delivery, no. Ask me again in a year.
    Not quite sure yet. I say probably no, DH says probably yes.
    NO WAY! (I say that now because I am sleep deprived - ask me in a few years - hehe)!
    I'd say YES since #4 is currently on the way
    already did
    NO WAY, WE ARE DONE! I am too old and our house is too small!!

    not yet but hoping to start trying in the summer
    not yet
    Hahahahaha :rofl:
    ??? You never know.
    not planning on it at this moment

    No. We had one child already and were only planning on having 2 total. We got a surprise bonus with pregnancy number 2! And I wouldn't have it any other way!
    Who knows? We're not doing anymore fert tmts, though.
    Yup...had a singleton two years later, and it was a BREEZE compared to the twins!

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    Anything else you’d like to add?:

    You can do it!! It’s a long hard process being pg & then caring for your little ones but its soooooooo rewarding too. Don’t be afraid to get out & have some fun too- with or without help, my girlies best days are when we’re out & about all day long & I do it solo!

    That this questionnaire is awesome but PLEASE feel free to re-ask the questions for more details if you need/want them…that is what this board is for…this is a great jump off point though!!!

    At about two months make sure you do tummy time!! Make sure your babies are not always sleeping on the same side of the head. positional plagiocephaly is common in twins.

    The first few weeks are a nightmare, but you just truck on through. My twins are 6 months old today (4months adjusted) and they've been amazing since about 3 months. It does get better, even though you can't usually see the light at the end of the tunnel till you're there!

    Be patient--with yourself, your partner, your kids--you are all learning. Accept that the people around who want to help are helping, even if they don't do everything exactly the way you would. It's okay to cry with them too. Enjoy your babies--sometimes the laundry can wait!!

    Just take it one day at a time.

    The first few weeks are very, very hard - especially if you are trying to do it alone while DH is at work. Don't be afraid to ask people for help - it doesn't mean you're not a good mom if you can't handle it! It is much more enjoyable if you have an extra set of hands. The first 8 weeks are a blur - but it is so worth it to see their little faces smiling up at you from the crib!

    It is such a great experience to be pregnant with, give birth to, and raise multiples. Take those first few weeks to get to know you babies and figure them out. It can be a lot of fun if you don't let yourself get overwhelmed. Now that they are 2, they are just so much fun and I look forward to watching them grow up!


    the first few months are hard but if dh is on board you can do it and still remain relatively sane. Remember that no matter how hard you try to spread yourself thin you are only one person, so somebody is always going to have to wait a minute or two. It's a lesson in patience for everyone. Nobody ever died from having to wait a sec to be picked up or held or anything else. Also, take help whenever it's offered. Enjoy it and take lots a pictures!

    I know my twins did not come to me by natural means but I love them with all my heart anyway. Sometimes I feel like I cheated getting on this board because of fertility, but honestly, I couldn't be any happier. Everyone here has been so supportive!


    never say no to help!!!

    You will be amazed at what you can do both before and after the babies are born. There are still days when I think I can't do it, but I do!

    I never knew how much patience I had until my twins came.

    it is a crazy ride - but their smiles make it more than worth it!!

    Just take it one day at a time. I thought I wouldn't make it through the first month as I was so exhausted and just spent. But, you will def get through it!

    Having twins is so amazing. I still look at them and can't believe there are two of them! They have such a wonderful relationship with each other; it is so neat.

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    just lurking (at this point anyhow) and love the idea of faq in one post, but most of the links go nowhere.
    Rachel, momma to 4
    dd 9, ds 7, twin boys Dec 09
    I nursed my twins for 2years and 2 weeks! A little sad to be all done now.

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