Getting nervous!

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Getting nervous!

Hi... Just looking for some experiences from other MOMs. I spent last weekend in the hospital after a routine u/s revealed that my cervix was shortened and dilating slightly. I was on magnesium sulfate for 48 hours and they gave me the corticosteroid shots for the babies' lungs. They monitored me for 24 hours after they took me off of the magnesium sulfate and I didn't start contractions or have any changes so they sent me home. I am so nervous that I might miss signs of preterm labor that every back ache and twinge has me counting and checking. I will be 28 weeks on wednesday and I was just wondering if anyone else had any experiences to share about symptoms of preterm labor and their outcomes. Thanks girls! Smile

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I have had it pretty good so far so I don't have any advice other than take it easy, keep your self hydrated and hopefully you can keep those babies in there longer. Sending lots of baby baking thoughts your way.

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Kortnee, I'm glad you're home for now. I know that's a scary experience. I think the majority of women on the twins boards went through something similar. PTL almost goes with the territory! Are you on bedrest?

I was effaced to 1.5 cm at 29 weeks and briefly hospitalized like you with all the meds. Then I was on bedrest for the last month and a half and having non-stop contractions (every 4 minutes like clockwork! Like water torture.). I had a midwife visit me at home twice a week for a NST, and my OB kept telling me to come back if there were any changes, but I would never have known when to go back to the hospital if my water hadn't broken all of a sudden... It felt like I'd just be in slow labor for ever.
Keep us posted and rest a lot.

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I'm sorry that you are dealing with PTL, I have been lucky so far and have not had any issues at all. I wish you all the best and hope that your babies will stay put for another couple months!

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My cervix was at 1.4 or 1.2 or something at 28wks, so I did a weekend stay, and then at 31wks I was completely dilated and 100% effaced, so I was hospitalized and did the mag sulfate, steroid shots and such. I am so sorry you had to do that. That mag kicked my butt, I hated the way I felt on that. Anyhow, I did bedrest in the hosp from 31-35wks, amazing everyone that my boys had still not arrived. I got to go home at 35wks because it was Christmas week, and I had begged and begged, then we went right back at 36wks and had my babies with no other complications. I think I was taking something for contractions, why can I not remember what it was, maybe nifedipine? Funny how quickly you forget stuff. Smile

Anyhow, take it easy. I really credit strict bedrest to keeping my boys baking and out of the nicu, however sometimes they come anyhow. You can do it!

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Thank you! It always helps to hear other's experiences. Smile

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I had my girls at 25 weeks and ny PTL felt like menstrual cramps. I got the mag sulfate and steroids too. Just take it easy and rest, rest, rest!

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Kortnee, I'm sorry to hear you had to go through that, it must've been scary! I hope everything has calmed down for you now. I'm already fearful of pre-term labor and I appreciate hearing everyone's varied experiences, too.