Getting really scared.

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Getting really scared.

This is my first pregnancy and OHMYGODPLEASEHELPME.

I am terrified.

I know it's normal.

But no one seems to realize just how big this is, but me.

His Mother is driving me ****ing insane (more on that in a later post, he's hovering around here somewhere) and that is what's stressing me out the most. I mean, who says to someone "I can't wait til you drop those babies so I can just snatch one up and hold one when I want to"????


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Hugs! You can do it. I'm sorry you are having MIL problems, she sounds special. Vent away!

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Of course you're terrfied and no one will understand like you. You already have a bond with these babies and you don't want anything to happen. This pregnancy was the unplanned and the last thing I needed at the time but as soon as I found out I was pregnant I got so scared I would lose them. And when I found out it was twins, I was so scared of going too early. Hang in there, you are doing great and just know that your MIL is just excited (you wouldn't believe some of the stuff that comes out of my MILs mouth).

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I keep telling myself that this is why she's behaving this way, because she's excited. But some things are simply inappropriate. For example, she's going to be moving in once the babies get here. I could use the help, but I'm not going to be needing THAT much help; I'm going to be staying home for three months, and I want to develop a relationship with my boys. She's counting on being there from day one because she missed out on her other grandson's babyhood.

That's not fair to me. My mother raised myself and my twin by herself, along with another baby two weeks older than us that she adopted. BY HERSELF. I'm not going to be by myself; my SO is going to be helping as well. Why does she feel the need to be in everything? It's driving me insane. She keeps rubbing my belly without my permission, saying things like "hey boys, it's Ma-2, can't wait for you to get here". I feel like a freakin baby factory, and once I have them, I'm not important anymore.

I've already talked to my SO. We've already agreed that if we need to talk to her, we will. But why should we have to talk to er again? We've already talked to her and she promised she wouldn't try to take over, but she already is! Seriously it's stressing me out so much and I don't trust myself to talk to her one on one; what the hell do I do?!

She wants to come to my doctor's appointments, saying things like "I'm sorry I didn't make it to the last one, but I PROMISE I'll come to the next one." You are not the father, or mother, of these boys! You do not need to be there! She wants to be in the room when I deliver! She asked me to give her my mother's number so she could ask her advice on twins, because "How am I supposed to raise twins? I don't know how."

AGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!! Its a serious nightmare. I want to tell her so bad to back off, and I know I'll have to. But I don't want it to come off the wrong way, because I know she's just excited and used to being the mother. I need to let her know that it's my turn now, and I'd love her help, but I'd like a chance to be a mother, and not have to wrestle with her about who's going to dress the babies that day, or why she's waking up my sons just so she can hold them, or her taking the children out of my hands for whatever ****ing reason....oh my god, this is really taking a toll on me, Sad