Happy New Year - 34 weeks !! 29 days to go!

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Happy New Year - 34 weeks !! 29 days to go!

Well the heading says it all ladies. 34 weeks today. urgh...

Today I didn't leave the house because I would have to go up and down the stairs in front of our building... yes I have reached that point where I don't think I am leaving unless I can't have it delivered or it is a doctors appt. Yes it may seem lazy but I just can't face those 35 stairs...

The weeks of the holidays flew by !! my big fear is now that the distractions are all gone, the next 29 days are going to go so slow.... ladies please help me make it to January 30th....

last week I had to do the 24 hour urine collection... anyone else end up with more urine than the collection jug would hold!! haha guess I am drinking enough water. I had to do it because my BP have been acting up a bit. I hope the labs return ok!

Last week sciata and what I am self-diagnosing as carpel tunel in my right wrist decided to make the presence knows... anyone else end up with carpel tunel? does it go away after birth? It was never an issue for me before last week... blah....

if you made it this far thanks for reading... you will be seeing more of me in the days to come Smile

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WOOHOO! 34 weeks is great!

Wow, I would definitely dread 35 stairs, too. That's so not lazy ... you're VERY pregnant!

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I remember it getting really hard once I hit 30 weeks. Keep it up you're doing great and the end is in sight. I've forgotten, do you know what you are having?

Oh, and Happy New Year, it's going to be a good one for you!

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Good luck!!!! My T&P are with you? 29 more days does seem like a lot at 34 weeks!! KUP. Maybe you'll go at 37.5 and that will only be 25 days. Wink