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I thought I would introduce myself...

my name is Erica and dh is Christian, we have on dd who is turning 1 on July 12th !!

we just found out we are expecting twins!!! I am a little overwhelmed at the thought of having 3 under 2 as dd will be 18 months when these 2 arrive :eek::eek:

Can't wait to meet all of you and learn an trick/tips you can share along the journey.

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Welcome Erica! I am a board stalker/lurker and I have been wondering when you would pop over and introduce yourself! I hope you make yourself comfy her and please feel free to ask lots of questions! Biggrin

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Hi Erica. Welcome! I think those shock-eyed smilies :eek: are the norm around here. Biggrin

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congrats! and welcome, this board is great. Smile The shock wears off eventually, maybe when they are over 1. lol

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Congrats and welcome! At least they'll all be close in age and can play together! Twins are fun! You'll get use to the idea! Ask lots of questions! Smile :)

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Congrats and welcome! Smile Twins really are a lot of fun.

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Welcome to the board. Smile

I think we all share the shock and awe syndrome that comes with twins.

My DD will almost be 2 when the twins are born and I am wondering the same thing as you - how am I going to manage all these kids. However, I am sure we will figure it out.

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Congratulations!! You will have your hands full, but it will also be a lot of fun to have your kiddos grow up together so close in age, I bet.

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Congrats and welcome Smile

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