Hello, introduction and wow

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Hello, introduction and wow

Hi Ladies,

So I've been a lurker on this board for a ling time. We started TTC #1 more than 5 years ago and I always thought that our IF treatments may lead to twins one day. Well, after IVF #1 this summer, we learned we have finally succeeded in our BFP. Then at the 5-week u/s we saw 2 perfect sacs. Yay for twins! Fast forward to today's u/s and at 7w3d pregnant we just learned that one of our blasts split... So we are expecting triplets! Baby A has a sac to himself and Baby B and Baby C are snuggled up together.

I'm in complete shock. I was ready for twins but triplets? Holy crap. We've always wanted a large family but with our IF were praying for the miracle of one. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude but now I'm also concerned for my health and growing these babies.

I'm probably going to fire away with lots of questions here so I hope thats ok. Does anyone else have triplets? Or even a case like mine where 2 are identical?

Thank you!

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Wheeeee! Congrats & welcome. Hi 3 little babies.

It must be a lot to sink in. But the good news is you've got some time to get used to it. Yay!!!!!

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Congrats on 3 little bundles of Joy. You must be so excited. Wishing you an amazing pregnancy. I only have two cramped in there but I'll try to help answer any questions from my experiences.

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Wow! You must be in shock. Congrats on 3 little beans. We do have a couple of triplet moms here. Are the two that split sharing more than a sac? I am assuming you will be referred to an MFM/perinatalogist to help monitor those 3 babies. Good luck and please ask any questions you want.

I also want to recommend the book, "When you are Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads." It will be a very important read for you.

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Woah! Congratulations!

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Welcome!!! And congratulations!! I imagine it is a wonderful shock indeed....another triplet mom just had her babies a couple weeks ago and she can probably give you a lot of great advice.


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My triplets were born on 7-9-11 at 34 weeks. They spent 23 days in the hospital but most of that time was mastering eating. Congrats on your trio! Any questions let me know, not sure I'll know the answer, but I can try. I can say sleep now (but you are catching me on a particularly sleep-less day)! lol Smile

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Thank you all for the warm welcome! Yes, still in shock. It's funny because DH travels frequently for work and is away this week- we haven't had a chance to sit down and discuss everything together. This weekend should help things absorb a lot better.

I have been reading the Luke book since we found out about the "twins" 2 weeks ago, but if course I skipped over all the triplet info so I need to go back and start over. I'm having a hard time eating so much! And believe me, I've never had appetite issues before.

Yes, I'm resting as much as possible. I'm a yoga teacher so I now have a reduced weekly class schedule so lots of time to relax. I'm just having major issues with middle of the night indigestion and heartburn keeping me up all night. Plus all day queasiness. At least now I know why the symptoms have been so severe.

I'm 7wk4d and my flat belly is already rounding and filling out. Can't button my skinny jeans and my small BBs are huge now. I guess that all makes sense now too!

Thanks again for the warm welcome!

xo Nicole