hello :) a update..

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hello :) a update..

1st off let me say sorry for not being around so much.. every time i come it says im not signed in then i go to sign in and my "borrowed" internet gets slow and i forget about it lol the girls are doing great! so great that i only have to go to the dr in pitt every 2 weeks.. the blood flow thru baby a's brain has improved and the water both girls had around their hearts is gone and almost gone. i started nsts yesterday and that went good they had a little trouble getting both girls hearts at the same time lol i go for those every week now.. im almost to 31 weeks which is great bc the dr that did the operation didnt think id make it thru the night with out going in to labor let alone all this time. the drs at my dr office are finally getting the papers from the hosp in pitt and they are all on the same page... i just wish some one would tell me what the plan is.. the girls room is finally starting to come together im still kinda down and out depressed about no one wanting to spend time with me and being home alone alot.. but since my last post i told any one who would listen i needed social interaction i just got a washer and dryer today wahooo a craigs list find for 50$ for both of them... so now i can finally do my own laundry! which is a great feeling and is giving me something to do lol speaking of that i hear my dryer dinging.. lol i promise ill try to be around more if the borrowed internet lets me lol

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I'm glad the LO's are doing good and your drs are starting to communicate. I hope all gets worked out soon for your peace of mind. Look at you proving them wrong getting this far! You go girl!!
ITA about the stupid signing you out. My phone does that sometimes. What gets me is I sign in only to be taken to another sign in page. Argh.
Sweetie, I totally know how you feel about being alone and feeling down. My friends from home don't really interact with me at all either, and my friends/fam here don't much either. My one SIL does text me quite a bit, but she always feels bad that she isn't doing enough. I keep telling her she's the only one doing anything so it is SOOO appreciated. Sorry I don't have any fixes or even suggestions for that. If you come up with a way for people to remember their stuck-in-bed friend be sure to let me know!
Here's hoping the borrowed internet sticks around! Smile

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So glad to hear from you! And super glad that you and the girls are doing well. You should be so proud. I, too, understand about isolation. I have been on bed rest for 12 weeks now....and very few folks even call. My DH is great though and does a good job running things, but still, it is hard.

I am so glad that your doctors are communicating and that you feel more settled with your place. Don't overdo it....and keep on bakin those beautiful little girls.

Take care

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So glad to hear from you and very happy to hear your twins are doing great! Smile

I am so glad things are working out for your girls. I was so scared for them and to have such a great recovery is excellent news.

Sorry about feeling isolated. At least it is just short term. Someday your baby girls will be born healthy and things will start to find a new normal. You will be so busy so soon.

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So happy to hear the LOs are doing so great. Keep them baking. And Cheer up, soon you'll have to beautiful babies to spend time with as well as your 3 yr old.