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update on us... went to dr on weds they girls are stable which means they haven't had any major changes in the last week which is good they measured them baby a is 3lbs and baby b is 2 lbs 5 oz which was also good..baby a has a little water around her heart and baby b has a little water in her tummy which they said is probably from adjusting to everything and they arnt concerned about IF baby a's blood flow thru her brain improves i wont have to see them as much.. its i guess right on the dont have to worry- keep a eye on it line.. so im really hoping it improves and i dont have to go there so much.. as much as i love seeing them every single week its expensive and wastes a whole day to go there.. went to my reg dr last week... turns out they were so confused and wouldnt answer my questions about when the dr releases me bc they wernt getting any of the paper work he was sending them.. so what they knew about the stuff i had done.. was only bc i told them.. i also saw a different dr who i LOVED hope this one stays at least till i have these girls... being preg is catching up to me.. im tired and sore and get dizzy fast.. the girls are stealing everything i have and i feel like i do nothing but eat lol new house is going good got most of it unpacked and its starting to look like home... hopefully i can start to get the girls room together.. now kinda a boo hoo me vent.. lol just cuz ill feel better after i say it and can move on with my day lol with our current situation clark has to leave and stay at his grandmas thurs friday sat sunday for work.. bc it saves us money and just works for us.. so the only days i see him is sunday night which hes tired from work... monday tues and weds which weds we are at this dr.. when hes not here and we have achelies he takes him with him which is good bc he doesnt listen and i cant handle both boys and being preg etc.. and i keep gage here with me.. well gage would rather go spend the weekends with my parents.. when i have him (he goes with his "Father" every other weekend) okay he rather go spend any time he could there.. they live in a country setting and he has lots of toys and room to run and play and his papa is his HERO lol i dont blame him.. we live in a apt.. and being stuck here with me is no fun for him.. so 90% of the time im here by my self.. and i guess its just getting old... i have few friends and the ones i do have live far away or have busy lifes or dont have kids so dont understand.... so i feel like all i do is clean (which never seems to get done lol) eat and be alone.. okay i feel better sorry about that ramble.. preg hormones and feelings getting to me lol if ya made it this far thanks for listening

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I am glad to hear the girls are doing so well.

You need to be careful and not over do it. You have a lot going on. I know it is frustrating being by youself and not something you want to do but it may be better for you. You have more time to relax and take care of yourself.

I can't believe the dr's are not communicating very well. I hope they straighten out there communication problems.

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I'd imagine it's only going to get more and more frustrating and isolated-feeling as time goes on. Do what you can to try to combat it now and know that once the babies come, you'll feel a lot better.

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:bigarmhug: You got a lot going on girl. Remember to take care of you and those LO's. I'll be thinking of you.