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well the girls are here! and are doing good.. i went for a nst on aug 1st heartbeats were dropping so the dr came did a ultrasound said he wanted to watch me for a bit then they decided they wanted to send me to ultrasound down stairs and get a full ultrasound so they knew what they were dealing with size wise etc.. started that ultrasound she did baby a went to baby b and i had a contraction and her heart rate went down real low and didnt come back up she put me in a wheel chair ran me up stairs i went in a room got in a gown signed papers and boom emergency c section... the only people that were at the hosp was my dad and my son clark was at the dentist and no one had his new phone number to get ahold of him.. and my phone was to be turned off that day and just as they were runnin me up stairs they turned it off.. so he had no idea.. i woke up in recovery they told me my babies were fine and gave me a piece of paper with the stats.. then they took me to my room.. where i sat alone for awhile.. then in comes Clark..(he got home.. i wasn't there.. he called my mom.. she didn't answer... so he WALKED to the hosp... said his gut feeling was that something was wrong..) all i could say was im sorry i had the girls while u were at the dentist.. i tried to call you... im sorry as im crying... he of course laughed at me... and told me he was just glad that we were all okay.. hes like they are beautiful.. i still hadn't seen them.. they had to send the girls to a different hosp with a better nicu so before they left they wheeled them and i looked at them one really saw Sydney.. so long story short.. i got out of the hosp went to see them they were so tiny 4lbs 6 oz and 4 lbs 10 oz i find out that they reversed the twin to twin with the one blood vessel they still shared and zoey had very little fluid and needed blood.. and it was a blessing that i was at the hosp for the nst they did really good in the nicu and they got to come home yesterday 1st night went great im blessed that they have a "good" dad that got up every time they needed to eat and helped me ( i didnt have that when Gage was a baby) clark went to work today so today has been a learning experience but we are doing fine im so glad that they are home and okay.. they are some strong girls with everything that they have been thru well im off to get a hr sleep..

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Congrats! It's too bad their daddy missed their birth but of course the important thing is that you're all OK now. Rest and enjoy your new babies and share pictures when you can.

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Glad to hear the girls are home and are doin good!

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So glad to hear that the girls are home and you are doing well. It must have been very scary for you. Congrats and thanks for sharing the story of their birth.

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I'm so glad to hear the baby girls are healthy and that you have such great support! The birth story sounded a bit chaotic and it must've been so hard to have the girls in another hospital. It's great everyone is home and happy now!

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Glad everyone came out all right and that the girls are home with you! How far along were you when you had them again, I can't remember. Wink

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It is so good to hear from you and to hear your birth story. How nerve-wracking, I bet, but so happy that all turned out well for you and the girls. And less than 2 weeks in NICU? Fabulous. Are you recovering ok? Pictures please?! I bet they are doll babies!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!! You did such an awesome job, momma!!!:icecream: