Holy. Fudge.

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Holy. Fudge.

I knew from the start of the whole twin thing that there was an 80% chance of my having a c-section and that number went up and up and up until it was a sure thing, let's schedule next time. So, whatever, I was fine with a c-section. Just get the babies out.

Then today's appointment.

Holy fudging shoot. They're vertex-vertex, lined up and ready for a VAGINAL birth.

Ok, that's great and all, ideal birth, blah-di-blah. But WHAT THE HELL?!? I flipped. "But doc, I don't know anything about babies coming out of a vagina!" "Well, you're gonna have some of those."

Seriously, you guys. I know nothing. This was hardly ever a possibility! The hospital told me not to sign up for birth class!

My OB is certain they won't try to make their way out in the next two weeks so I don't even have to go in next week. But come 35 weeks they're not stopping labor.

Holy fudging shoot.

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LOL... fyi, they can still flip! I had 1 'flipper' until the very end, so you never know Biggrin

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Too funny, because its not me. lol. I had my 1st vaginally, naturally, w/o a birthing class, it will be okay. Smile Hope they don't flip... and Erin, they were flipping at the end? That is crazy!

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It will take awhile to get into that mindset. Take the time...as much as you get, to come to terms with your birth. You can do it Mamma!!!!

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Rachel baby B flipped to breech sometime in the 5 days before their birth! The ultrasound the week prior had them both heads down.

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Don't kill me for saying this but... Yay! What a blessing! I'm sure you're scared now but think about when you found out you were having twins and look how far you've come. You can do it! You always have a choice to go another route if that's what feels right for you so don't freak out Smile

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"bamsmom" wrote:

LOL... fyi, they can still flip! I had 1 'flipper' until the very end, so you never know Biggrin

Kaylee flipped constantly. All scans she was in a different poistion. But she was B so it didn't matter.

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OOoohh, good luck! And YAY! That's what I'm hoping for, but I went through nearly half of this pregnancy assuming it'd be another vaginal, natural birth like my other 3, then found out I was having twins and it was an insane month of "ohhhh, dang, does this guarantee me a C?"

Right now we're just watching mine, but I'm reeeeeeeally hoping for 2 vertex kids.

You can SO do this!! Just focus on the positives, I hear recovery is easier (can't speak from experience since I've only done it one way) etc. I've had to come up with a list of positives for a C section to hang on to in case I end up with one, but it has really helped.

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Erin, that is just crazy, and Krista too! I would think there would not be enough room in there for flipping. My baby A had his head in my cervix for 8wks (could not get a head measurement at all, and came out with very obvious torticollis from his head being stuck in there). Baby B went from head down to transverse at the end, but not complete flipping.

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This is great news. I know that is seems overwhelming, but get some books from the library, read about it on the internet, and get prepared. Anything can happen with any pregnancy during labor and delivery. So, you will now be prepared for both outcomes. I have never had a vaginal birth, so I cannot really attest to the recovery difference related to one versus the other. However, either way, you have recovery. You will have pain somewhere. As long as you don't have issues with an epidural or a spinal, like me, I bet you will do great either way.

As far as babies flipping, it can happen. Neither of my girls moved from their positions from 24 weeks on. K was breech. She just shifted btw feet down and butt down. S was always vertex and paid for it with mild torticollis. Thankfully, she had OT for feeding issues and her OT did stretching exercises with her and we did them everyday.