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    Some day I hurt so much I have a hard time walking.
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    X 2!!!!

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    I dont know about the percentage of mothers go on best rest but my doctor told me that if I havent delivered by 38 weeks, I will be induced (or c-section, if thats whats needed - depending on the position of baby A)
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    Tiffany, I too just moved this week !! Crazy time to be moving but my doctors were well prepared for me and had all of my records. I saw them for the first time yesterday and they did their own baseline growth US, cervix check, I am seeing them on a weekly basis, and starting NSTs next week. My doctor told me I will schedule a c-section at 38 weeks (hope that comes quickly). I am pretty sure bedrest is based on how you feel and how frequent braxton hicks occur..ect...Best of luck on our move
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