I got a sneak peak.......

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I got a sneak peak.......

Babies are doing great and measuring right on track! Also, they were willing to give us a peak......BOY and GIRL (of course the tech had to give a disclaimer that its still early and sometimes what appears to be a girl can be a boy). I called the genders before she aid it so it was pretty clear Smile

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Congrats!!! Best of both worlds :). I'm surprised they would tell you this early. The u/s tech wouldn't even look that early for us. Exciting to know so early. You can start to prepare. Word of advice, start to stuck up on diapers now. I'm so thankfully that we stock piled, especially in the starting when packing up NB twins and a 4 year seemed too scary to Attempt.

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Nice! We were told two boys at 12 weeks, still two boys at 16 weeks, and then one of each at 20 weeks. And now that they're real people they are actually one of each.

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At 12 wks (when I found out it was twins) the tech could only guess at 1 and she guessed girl.. we found out @ 16wks that both were girls (which my gut had told me). So exciting!

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Congrats on the one of each. That is so exciting and best of both worlds. Keep us posted as you progress (hopefully that's a final answer!). Smile

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Very exciting! It will be interesting to see if the early predictions were right!

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Exciting! I agree. It will be interesting to see if those predictions were correct. The u/s techs for my perinatalogist probably knew that we were having two girls very early on, but they never let on. I never asked either. We found out at 18 weeks. They always -double-checked the genders at the rest of the u/s and they stayed girls. Smile