Introduction and any March 2013 Twin Mamas out there?!

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Introduction and any March 2013 Twin Mamas out there?!

Hello all!

I am currently 14 weeks 5 days, and preggo with TWINS....... Any other mamas out there that are due in early 2013 with twins? I am super worried and scared, as we own several businesses that I am very involved in, and hope to be able to work up until the end........

I am feeling okay... just tired Sad

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Congrats on twins! Its a wild and crazy ride but worth every second. Do you know if they are identical or fraternal? Obviously I'm not pregnant, but there's lots of BTDT mommies that can answer any questions. I'll warn you, it's not fun being pregnant with twins but they are worth it in the end Smile KUP on your pregnancy.

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Welcome! I agree with Krista...I'm a new twin mom, but the pregnancy is still fresh in my mind, do feel free to ask. I worked until the week before (last day Wednesdsy, delivered Tuesday). It was supposed to be Friday, but had some BP issues. It can be done. Lots of water and listen to your body!

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I am due in January. It has been definitely a more stressful pregnancy than the first with my singleton. I was still having major nausea at 14 weeks, and my energy level has picked up since then. Though I still think I am more drained than I was with my first pregnancy.

Now, I am at the hungry stage. DH bought us an ice cream maker and is making homemade ice cream (yummy!!)

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That sounds yummy!!!!