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The octopus in my belly finally started beating me up last night! My boyfriend felt it right away, too! Biggrin

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Isnt it great!!!!

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Awe, its a great feelin. Enjoy it.

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How cool Smile

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15 weeks pregnant with twins

I am 19 weeks pregnant with twins and rarely feels any kicks. I feel them when I'm in an uncomfortable position or such other than that not at all is this normal.
I have no symptoms of being pregnant. Found out at 13 weeks that I was pregnant with twins. Most of the times if I feel something it is on my left side or directly in the this normal?
When I did my sonogram both twins were doing really well. No problems.
(My previous pregnancy was a breeze. A little girl! no problems at all)

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I was 21+ weeks when I wrote this post and everyone in there is fine.

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Yay! And now you're almost there! It flies by!

Just starting to feel continuous flutters! Smile

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"triplespiral" wrote:

I was 21+ weeks when I wrote this post and everyone in there is fine.

when I read the first post i didn't look at the date, but I did look at your ticker - I thought geeze, maybe I am just imaging feeling the dance party... I thought I don't think it was 28 weeks last time....

LOL now I get it ! man it sure did confuse a brain that is already turning to mush.... hehe

Glad your belly octopus is moving with vigor.