Kind of freaking out...

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Kind of freaking out...

I know that other ppl have asked about movement, but I'm really starting to get worried. To the point where I want to go to the hospital. Baby A (the boy) has always been more quite than Baby B (the girl) but in the last couple of days he has barely moved at all. Usually, when she wakes up, hes not far behind but lately he just wont move. I've tried drinking juice to jump start him but nothing and than even when I go and lie down I might get the odd kick out of him. Anybody else experiencing this? Could it be that I'm so dehyrated from this heat, But if that was the case, wouldn't she be moving less too?

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Krista I have days where 1 is more active then the other and I really just started to notice it this week. I have posted this same question before and I have talked to my OB about it. He told me that it is very difficult to do 'kick counts' with twins, but try and lay in a nice quiet area on your left side and have some caffeine. If you dont get any movements call your OB or go to the ER. Just remember to follow your gut!

I hope all turns out ok... KUP!

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If you're really worried, I'd say go to the ER. They can try to find the heartbeats. I hope he starts moving soon!

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I'm paranoid and had to go to L&D. They did a scan and we discovered that the babies have moved a bit and she is on top of him now so that is why I haven't felt him as much. She is blocking his movements. I feel better though.

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It's great that you decided to go get it checked out. As you know and decided, there's no sense in worrying yourself sick. I'm so glad to hear that everyone was just shifting around in there causing the change to the usual kicks.

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I'm glad you went and got checked and everything is OK. You have to be so careful when there's more than 1!!

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I'm glad you went in, peace of mind is definitely worth the trip!

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I am glad you went in and was checked. No need to worry now. Smile

FYI - I hardly ever felt baby A move. I would go for days without feeling him at all.