Level II anatomy scan -18 weeks

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Level II anatomy scan -18 weeks

Well, I had my Level II anatomy scan at MFM and good wonderful news first: Everything is looking great with the LO's!! Everything measured well (in fact Baby B was measuring a week ahead! and Baby A--right on schedule. I guess its normal to have one larger?) It is amazing the level of detail they are able to see--heart, kidneys, etc. They said their weights were on target too--7oz and 9 oz.:)

And....we now have genders confirmed: One of each flavor!! Boy/Girl combo. Just perfect. Smile

I did get a bit sick/dizzy feeling laying back that long, though. Yuck.

The not-so-great-news is that my hematoma is still there.:( Although I haven't been bleeding much--only occasional spotting, so I had been hoping it was gone. I got very contradictory information from the perinatologist and my OB which is frustrating. According to the peri , he "doesn't worry about hematomas" (HUH?!) In fact, he refused to measure it for us (which my OB had specifically asked us to make sure he did).

We had appt afterwards with OB. He was glad that I haven't had any bleeds in 2 weeks, but still wanted to proceed cautiously since the hematoma is still there. He seemed perplexed that the peri wouldn't measure the hematoma for us. He wants me on continued modified bed rest--but wants me to increase my activity level at a slow pace, continue pelvic rest, and see how I am in 2 weeks. If still no bleeding--and I guess his u/s tech will check my hematoma then--then 2 more weeks at home with more activity before I can go back to work.

How on earth can they give such different advice? Normally I would think the peri would know more, but this was my first visit with this one (they rotate you) and he was clearly not familiar with my history.

I am on a support board for women with SCH (subchorionic hematomas). TWICE this week, women (one at 14, one at 20 weeks) both gave similar stories---they thought theirs was resolving, only to then lose their baby. These losses seem to happen at LEAST twice a week. It is heartbreaking (sometimes I wonder if the board is good--or too much of a stressor). I cannot risk losing these LO's. I love them so much already....but could a peri really be that blase about something that is a risk? Or I am being a giant worry-wart.

Sorry ladies, it has just been so hard for me these weeks--now 11 on bed rest, I guess now house arrest. I am trying to celebrate and enjoy my pregnancy, but I feel like there is a giant anvil that might drop on me. Any advice appreciated.

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Please try to stay off of google and even off of that other board. Stress or worry is NOT what you need right now. I'm really sorry your dr's don't seem to play well together. I appreciate that mine do, it gives me more confidence in them both.

I really don't know about this condition, so have no advice to give other than to please try to keep it easy. I'm glad all looked great on the anatomy scan. I wanted to tell you about twiniversity - they have a website and facebook page. They are currently giving away a boy/girl double stroller, so check their fb page and see if it is something you could maybe put your name in for.

Do you have enough movies and books to keep you busy? Could a friend to go to Michaels or Joanns to get you little projects you could do at home? Do you scrapbook? I hope you find some things to keep you occupied and keep your mind on the positive. You are in my T&P. KUP!

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I am not familiar with this conition either, so I am not in a place to give any advice. Only that if it were me, I would keep my butt on the couch and I wouldn't move. I did that anyway, and I didn't have any issues. Rest and calories are the keys to healthy multiples, I think.

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Congrats on your boy/girl twins!

I am glad everything is going good so far with the babies.

I find it strange the dr's are so far apart in there opinions. I think if it were me I would heed the advice of which ever one is more conservative/protective of you and your children. I think I would continue to rest up even though it is difficult.


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"Mommy 4 real" wrote:

Everything is looking great with the LO's!! Everything measured well (in fact Baby B was measuring a week ahead! and Baby A--right on schedule. I guess its normal to have one larger?)

I'm sorry to hear about the hematoma and don't have any advice/info/related stories for you on that, I just hope it all clears up ... but I'm so glad to hear the babies are good! I just had an ultrasound today and my Baby B is also measuring a week ahead with Baby A right on time. So yep ... I'll go with that's normal! Wink

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Yay on one of each, how exciting! Smile

As to the SCH, I had one in my pregnancy with my ds. My ob said to take it easy, modified bedrest, just not a lot of up/down with my then almost 2yr old. I did take it easy, and I had spotting/bleeding up until about 19wks or so. It was scary. I second Jennie though, I would heed the most conservative advice. Bedrest is hard, but well worth it in the end.