Made it to 24 weeks

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Made it to 24 weeks

Well, we have made it to 24 weeks. And by we, I mean me and the twin boys. I have been very nervous the last few weeks about preterm labor. As someone in the medical field who has seen plenty, it was nice to make it past that mark - even if I know there is not smooth sailing from here.

I don't know how any of you make it past 38 weeks and I, for one, am glad that I will not have to go past that date. I know this sounds crazy, but I already feel big. I already had to go to L&D for one night of contractions that would not go away and I am going to be working for the next 11 days straight.

I am actually starting to buy the occasional newborn item, which is a big accomplishment for me. And I have started to talk about them like they might actually be born. With everything it took to conceive and just get them to this point - it truly is a miracle.

Anyway, I hope I can make it through the next 6 weeks working - which may or may not happen.

I guess we might need to start looking at caretaker options soon. Hubby is going to need some help when I go back to work after only 6-8 weeks.

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Congrats on making it! One day at a time!

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Congrats to making it to 24 weeks. Keep trying to take it as easy as possible. Who knows if it really helps or not, but it does ease the stress level, which is so important. :bigarmhug: Just keep taking it a week at a time. I set little goals for myself to help ease my mind some. I made it to 37w, 2d...and would have made it longer, but my perinatalogist decided it was time to deliver.

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Yay!! I remember when I hit 24 weeks and it's a huge sigh of relief, congrats! I think I had around 5 L&D (ER) trips during my pregnancy, totally normal with twins, especially all the Braxton Hick's I've had.

You're doing great!!

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Yay huge milestone. So happy you made it. Keep your feet up and keep yourself dehydrated.

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Great milestone! Good job, mama!