Maternity belt?

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Maternity belt?

Any of you guys use them? Any recommendations?

Any other maternity clothing type items you recommend given this type of pregnancy?

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Tiffany, for me regular maternity clothes were fine till about 33 weeks then all ghe sudden my belly was lower than my shirts wanted to cover!

As for a belt, my little guy didn't like anybof the belts pressing on him so none for me. I also moved to my below the belly loose stuff at the end so Lucas stopped fighting my clothes

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I never used the belt but I would invest in an amazing pair of track pants. I loved mine. I lived in them for the last month or so and then they were perfect for the hospital because they weren't too tight for my incision.

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I never got a maternity belt. But I will say I diden't think I would get so big so my tummy ended up hanging out of alot of my shirt. and that is not a look I enjoy hahahaa. I should have gone a size bigger. Anything comfy maternity jeans are not comfy at the moment. so I wear lounge pants or a few pairs of maternity shorts I have.

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I wore mostly lounge type pants toward the end. I also had 2 pairs of dress pants with the huge belly panels, since I was working. Also, DRESSES!!