May I cautiously joint you?

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May I cautiously joint you?

Hey everyone!

My name is Meg and DH is Ed. We're both 27. As you can see, we've trying to get pregnant since January 2010. We tried our first Clomid\Trigger IUI last month and we finally got our BFP.

Today was our first ultrasound at 6 weeks and we saw two precious heartbeats (and a potentially, but unlikely, third sac). Baby A and Baby B. We only heard Baby A's heartbeat though b\c Baby B was positioned weird. I am in awe right now.

Anyway, I'm SO early that anything could go wrong. I am going to cautiously join you, however, if you'll have me!!!!!! Yahoo

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Of course, Meg! Congratulations on your pregnancy and your double heartbeats!! Biggrin

My OB saw one sac and one heartbeat just before 6 weeks for me and then a second one seemingly popped up out of nowhere at 12 weeks. I completely understand your feeling somewhat tentative ... I still preface a lot of my comments regarding the pregnancy with something like, "if this pregnancy leads to two babies." That said, I am very encouraged by the mothers here who are due to give birth to multiples in the next 6 weeks or who have multiples already. Two little heartbeats seems to be a pretty darn good sign that two little ones will come!

Welcome and congrats!

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Hi Meg! Welcome to the multiple world! LOL
I often find myself in awe still even though I probably only
have 4-6 wks left. I found out at 12 wks that I was carrying twins
and was in complete and utter shock! Please make yourself comfy here
and ask lots of questions because you are going to have them!!!! So when
is you next scan?


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Congrats on the pregnancy and welcome to the wonder and shock of carrying multiples. I have found this board extremely useful, the girls on here are very helpful. Heres to a great pregnancy for you.

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Haha! I just saw I said "joint"! Pregnancy brain already! Thanks for the support. I look forward to getting to know you!

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Didn't even notice! We should probably lay off that for now ... Wink

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Welcome. I'm new here too. We found out at 19 weeks that we were expecting two baby boys. It's definitely a mind spinning experience.

Congrats on your pregnancy!

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The land of multiples is an interesting place Smile

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We are happy to have you!

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Welcome! I just wanted to hop on and say if there is three it's exhausting but totally manageable and worth it. For now take it day by day until each next appt, that's how we got through the not knowing the outcome at the beginning. KUP. Smile

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somehow I thought I already posted here. sorry! Congrats on your twins!

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Congratulations Meg and Welcome to the board!!!:icecream:

When do you go for your next scan? We saw only one sac and HB at our first scan at 5w6d and then when we returned at 6w4d we were surprised to see and hear 2 HB's!!