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When did everyone start feeling movement?

I'm 9 weeks today and I swear I've been feeling stuff for the last few days. The weird thing is that it doesn't feel like flutters. It feels like a little thump in my lower belly.

This is my 4th pregnancy and I know they say you can sometimes feel movement sooner with multiples but am I just plain crazy and there's no way to feel movement yet?

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I was 13 weeks when I started feeling them move, although it wasn't often. But it was only my second pregnancy so with this being your 4th (congrats BTW) I think it possible you might be feeling them. 9 weeks does seem pretty early but it's so different with twins.

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I think the first little movements were 14-15 weeks for me but it was my only pregnancy.

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I felt movement a little later with my twins, around 16wks (which is normal for a single, but they do say you feel twins sooner), but I had one anterior placenta, but it was my 5th pregnancy. It could be movement, but in my third pregnancy I swore I felt movement, I knew what it felt like and I was about 9wks, went in and had a blighted ovum, so no baby moving in there. I think those early uterine stretches can be very fooling, but who knows for you! Smile

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hmm It could be movement, it could be gas, who knows. Biggrin

I think I was 13 weeks when I felt them move more. It was very fluttery and bubbly, almost like butterflies. If it's not them, don't worry, you'll be feeling them soon for sure!

Whether or not it's them, it's fun to pretend anyway Smile

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My 1st movement with the twins was @ 12wks. Actually the same day I found out that it was twins : )