Muscle tears?

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Muscle tears?

I'm 22 weeks and i've felt some sensation of popping and pulling in my upper abdomen that has gone as far as burning. now i feel like i really pulled something right there because sneezing hurts, and when i held my cat tonight, i got a crazy sharp pain when i set him down. it's been getting worse and worse. doctors have all ruled out any problems with internal organs or preterm birth so it's nothing serious...i just ordered a prenatal cradle even though i'm skeptical that it'll be very comfy. anyone have this?

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Sorry I have no advice as this never happened to me, just wanted to say take it easy and I hope you can find some relief Smile

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I think my abs are separated but I really have no clue, everything is still squish after four months, but I can feel abs on the sides and not the middle. I never felt muscle pains though, the only ripping I felt was my skin after 30+ weeks.

I used the prenatal cradle. It was absolutely fantastic but in very limited situations. I thought about getting one at your stage and should have. I got it at 24 weeks. At first, I put it on before driving to work, but that made me hurl everywhere. So I put it on after I got to work, which was a big ordeal, but super worth it for STANDING only. (I'm a teacher.) It was such a great help while teaching. I was ordered to stay home at 26 weeks so I ended up not getting much use out of it.

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I really want to be able to continue walking and doing yardwork. i may be expecting way too much out of this pregnancy, but i'm hoping the prenatal cradle will help in those instances. if i get too active, the pain in my abdomen is so intense, the only thing that helps is lying in bed. i'm 90% sure one of the babies is up in that quadrant making everything a little more painful. when i'm up and moving, or lying in bed, she seems to move down a bit.
I'm so happy to have found this forum! it's so nice to have other mom's with multiples to share what THEIR pregnancies are like, feels like i'm all alone in this sometimes.

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When I was pregnant with my son I had somehing similar. In addition, when I would be laying down and sit up you could see an off centered lump at the top of my abdomen. My doctor said its from your abs separating to accomodte baby. I have it again this pregnancy.