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My Boys -xp

Sorry for being tardy ladies...

Archer Rhys 6lb 12oz 9:39pm
Harrison Fisher 7lb 1oz 9:44pm
Arrived Friday, October 14th.

I had to have some pitocin to start labour as my water broke with very few contractions happening. They both arrived vaginally & I'm happy to say I got my 2nd unmedicated birth. Yay!!! It was an awsome experience all in all & to be honest the only thing that hurts is my epidural catheter site. It was recommended in case of emergency section but we didn't use the meds. My back is a hurtin' though. Think flu shot achiness in the spine. Argghh!!

Boys are amazing & we came home the very next day around 2pm. Yay!!!

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Congratulations, Mira!! Biggrin

What fabulous news that your new chunky boys came out and were ready to go home right away! We've been wondering about you and it's great to hear you're doing well.

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wtg momma! Glad you got another unmedicated birth. I had one, and wanted them all that way, but apparently they had other plans. lol. Each of your twins were heavier than each of my singles. lol. Smile Way to grow em momma! Pics???

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That's so great to hear that everything is wonderful, congratulations!

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Good job mama!!

I am excited to hear how the first few weeks go!

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That is a wonderful birth report! I'm still holding faith that I'll be able to have mine vaginal (would love natural unmedicated but not sure if doc will allow it). You are an inspiration! Great birthweights and fabulous names. Major congrats!

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How did I miss this? I was wondering how your delivery went Smile