My Twins are HERE!!!!

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My Twins are HERE!!!!

So...I was developing Pre-E (or perhaps really had it for weeks). My BP was the only symptom I did not have. But after 24 hours off Procardia, when I went to MFM at OB's insistance (Thank G-d for him) my BP was 170/95. Also, my LO's had only gained a few ounces in the past 3 1/2 weeks. Sad So--off to the hospital I went. (This was Friday afternoon.)

All night Friday I had lots of contractions and literally couldn't sleep, but I figured it was more false labor with contractions every 8-10 minutes or so. However, early in the morning, about 6am my contractions got closer together and more painful. They were about 3-4 minutes apart and oweee! so after an hour at that, the nurse hooked me to monitor and paged on call OB. OB arrived in 20 minutes and I was 2 cm dilated. She also looked at monitor and Baby B (my Boy) was showing distress--lowered HR with each contraction so she said she wanted to do c-section within the hour.:eek:

I had been texting DH to no avail but now I called him and thank goodness he answered! Poor guy was asleep because he had been up most of the night doing work for work so he'd be ready in case the LO's came early. I am so glad that his phone wasn't off!!

I asked the OB to please page my OB even though he wasn't on call because he has been the best and with me every step of the way. Turns out his son had a soccer game, but he said he would try to come anyway.

So I was prepped for OR...scared to death...praying DH would arrive on time. As they were taking me in he arrived!

When I was getting my spinal--owwee!--my OB arrived as well.:) He came and held me while it was being placed. He is the absolute best OB in the world.

Before he started he pinched my belly and ouch! I could feel it. Anesthesiologist didn't believe me at first, but I insisted. I ended up getting 2 spinals because although my legs were both completely numb, my belly wasn't. I kinda think that is important before a c-section.:confused:

So...Baby sweet girl....Sofia...came out first. At 33w3d she weighed 3lbs 9 oz. Then Baby boy...Levi...a bit more difficult, he wouldn't come head first so had to be pulled out by his feet. Then my OB scared me with "see that?!" to nurses. Turns out, he had a true knot in his cord. Gulp. It wasn't tightened, but as it was later explained to me, if I had tried to labor or if the pregnancy had continued it could have had tragic consequences if it had tightened. I get choked up when I think about it and how blessed we are that I went to hospital when I did and that they were delivered when they were.

He was 3 lbs 6 oz....he had always been about a week ahead and always weighed more than baby girl. So either the Pre-E was affecting him more, or the knot was decreasing his supply.

I am recovering well--in fact, in a lot of ways I feel better than I did while pregnant with Pre-E. I had been so nauseous and vomiting the last few days, headaches, swelling, etc.
Don't get me wrong, my incision hurts and I have weird "gas" pain in my shoulder, etc. but I am feeling so happy and so blessed to have my LO's!!:D:D

They are doing great for 33 weekers. They were on the CPAP (forced air) for less than 24 hours and now are on just room air. They have IV's, and NT (?) tube for feeding. They got their first 4cc each of my colostrum tonight and they tolerated it really well. They are doing fine with breathing, O2 levels, temperatures, etc. I may get to BF as soon as tomorrow (I hope!!) Doctor said to expect they stay 3 weeks. Maybe more, but hopefully not.

They are the most beautiful babies!!! I am so happy!!! And so glad that my OB was cautious and careful and got the best care for me and my LO's. I will try to post photos tomorrow.

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congrats! I am so glad everything turned out okay and that both babies are doing well! I love the name Levi! Sofia is super cute too. Pics to share?

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I will try this photo thing....

Dear Sofia:

Eyes open! Levi:

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Congratulations! I am glad they are doing so well. I hope their stay in the NICU is short. :bigarmhug:

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Congratulations again, Marnie!

I love those pictures. Sofia looks like she's enjoying her newfound freedom to streeeeeeetch out! And Levi is still comfortable squishing up small. They're darling! Smile

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Congrats!!! Look at those blonde cuties Biggrin

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Congrats on your wee ones. I'm so happy to hear that they arrived just exactly when they were supposed to. Hope they get to come home with you soon!!!!

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Congratulations. Smile Glad to see those beautiful babies are doing well.

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Love Names - Love Pics - Love Story, I hope their NICU stay is short and you are all home soon.

Thanks for sharing !!

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"eg4cg" wrote:

Love Names - Love Pics - Love Story, I hope their NICU stay is short and you are all home soon.

Thanks for sharing !!

Ditto on all of the above! Congrats!

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Awwwww, they look lovely! I'm so glad that they're here and ok and that Levi's cord didn't cause any serious damage.

Gotta tell you... if we've got a boy in here I'm totally naming him Levi. Biggrin So awesome!

I hope your recovery is fast and they're out of the NICU asap! Loved reading the story, thanks for posting!

*recovery hugs*

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Wow, where have I been? Congrats on the safe arrivial of the babies. So glad to hear they are doing so well. And I love their names.

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Congratulations! So happy that they arrived safely! They are just so cute! Smile