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Hi there. I've got a lighter topic question for you all. If you have multiples of the same sex or with rather unisex names, how did/will you decide which baby gets which name? Did you use a couple of days in the hospital to decide?

At 12 weeks the doctor was 80-90% sure we're having two boys, at 15 weeks a different doctor wouldn't try guessing, and now at 18 weeks we should find out for sure today. My boyfriend and I have one unisex name that we really feel comfortable using for either a boy or a girl, and we want to ultimately decide on one more boy or unisex name.

I asked him last night how and when we decide who is who and we weren't really sure. We both agreed that the name we already have is most definitely for the more calm (and he added, possibly smaller) baby. Not that we know who that is. So we don't think we'll automatically choose that the first baby out is named X.

How do you know who is who?

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Neither baby has a unisex name. I always wanted a son named Andrew. My husband didn't care that much for the name, but our deal was, if we were having two boys, I could name one Andrew, and he could choose the other name. He chose Benjamin. So it made sense to name baby "A", Andrew, and "B" Benjamin. I'm not sure how we would have chosen who was who otherwise, to tell you the truth. I'm interested in reading the other responses!

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We decided on Easton first, so we gave that to Baby A. Later we came to the decision on Ashton, so we gave that to Baby B. The middle names came later. We decided on the middle names later. I wasn't for sure who was going to get which middle name but by that time they had personalities in the womb. Easton was more mellow and moved less. Ashton was always active. We named Easton's middle name after my maternal grandpa who died whose demenor was very laid back and gentle. We named Ashtons middle name after his dad who cannot sit still.

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We are having a boy and a girl so we don't have this problem. But I know we struggled with it before we knew. You'll know who suits what name by their personalities in the womb.

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We had two names picked, neither unisex, but we knew it was two boys. Ultimately we decided that Baby A would be Abram, since it started with A. It fits too. Abram's middle name is his paternal grandfather's middle name, and he looks just like his Grandpa. Smile Wyatt has white white hair, and so now I find myself telling people, "Wyatt the white" to help them remember who is who. lol. Smile

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LOL Rachel, we say "Ben is Bald"

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with our two girls we had the two names we wanted picked and dh choose who got which name once he saw them in the nicu. he said he chose katherine for baby a b/c he thought that should be the big sisters name. little adalyn is our runt and the name fits her perfect. Smile

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I love the stories. Thanks for sharing, everyone! I guess the naming will just come naturally at some point.

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My twins are identical boys and their names came quite naturally and they sort if 'picked' them by actions. Wink

My named were Peyton and Cullan. As they got bigger, baby A was very calm and baby B was always moving and kicking. Every us I had baby B would kick or hit baby A.

Peyton means fighter's estate so I knew baby B would be Peyton. It just fit him, even before I met him.

Cullan means handsome and is a gentle name so it followed him, too.

Pretty easy and really it just showed itself.