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I posted this on the Sept 2011 but wanted to get your opinions as well.

I have tried everything and am now turining to you ladies...

We have a middle name for the girl picked out but can not come up with a first name to go with it and I am desperately seeking anyones help to come up with one. The middle name is Reilly (a play on my last name O'Reilly) but it is so hard to come up with a first name.

Any Suggestions?

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Aoife Reilly
Ciara Reilly
Maeve Reilly


Do you have any "rules" you want to follow for naming?

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My first thought was Amber but I'll keep thinking on it.

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I think lots of names could work... what is your naming style, classic, trendy, unique...? Also, you should post this on the baby name board here, those ladies usually have lots of great ideas. Wink

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The first thing that came to mind was

Anna O'Reilley xxxx

I know you wanted to drop the O' part of Reilly but I kinda of like it. It makes it unique.