Nearly 20 wk Update

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Nearly 20 wk Update

Update on Me Smile

So today I am 19 wk 4 days, on Monday it's 20 wks!

The last 2 weeks have been a roller coaster to say the least but we are currently on our way back up again Smile

2 weeks ago my peri suspected TTTS between my identicals and referred me to the only doctor here in Singapore with specialized experience in that diagnosis. Before the new doc even scanned me he gave DH and I the reduction speech... I went bananas. Don't mess with my babies- I was like a lion protecting her cubs. I want to know how to save them. Period.

After the initial scans on a Saturday and then on a Wednesday, there was no diagnosis of TTTS but baby C (b and c share a placenta) was almost half the size of her sisters with less fluid. In the meantime, I had been consulting over the phone and via email with an amazing TTTS doctor in the states for a second opinion. He told me immediately to get on horizontal bedrest and start nutritional therapy which is supplementing a natural high protein diet with 3 ensure or boost drinks per day.

I began the bedrest and ensure 2 weeks ago and at Wedbesday's appt, my baby C had grown more in weight than both of her sisters! She is still smaller than them but her measurements and dopplers are all normal range. So it seems the bedrest and ensure are helping.

It was a huge relief and I'm motivated to continue my slug-like ways, even though I feel good enough to swim or walk and I'm drinking my drinks all day. My consulting doctor in the states was thrilled with the results too. My cervix is great- holding steady at 3.8cm and tight as my leggings right now Smile

I will continue to be seen every week and my next appt is next Friday for a full screening of the babies in addition to all of the other stuff they've been monitoring. 3 more months of bedrest def seems daunting but I know I can do it. DH has been an incredible support and source of strength.

At my 19wk4day scans babies weighed: A- 325g/11.4oz B-307g/10.8oz, C-220g/7.75oz. That's nearly 2 pounds of baby! Now we just have to keep up the good work.

xo Nicole

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You're doing awesome Mama. I know how hard it was with two, I couldn't imagine 3. So glad to hear that baby c is growing. You can do it. This pregnancy will be over before you know it and then you'll have 3 beautiful babies to hold and kiss.

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I know lying around the house can be a bummer when you're feeling up for some exercise, but wow, you're doing great! That's one happy cervix. Haha. I'm glad to hear little C's growth is picking up! Biggrin

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I am glad to hear that there has been some improvement with baby C. Keep up that consult with the doc in the States. Even if there isn't TTTS, those babies are taxing that one placenta. It can only do so much to support both of those babies at the same time. If you can make it just 12 more weeks, you will be in a pretty good position. Of course, I would rather you make it 14-16 more weeks, but baby C is probably going to decide all of that for you. Best of luck! Keep up the bedrest and protein drinks.

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Thanks ladies! Ill keep you posted Smile

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Posts: 194 scary. But glad that you were able to get that other opinion and direction! Keep it up!! Two isn't easy, so three must be unreal. You are doing great!!! Bedrest isn't easy (believe ME. I spent the majority of my pregnancy on it) but if it is what is needed, it is what is needed. Once you hold your LO's in your arms, all that previous pain will melt away.

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Hey! I was just over here stalking you! Smile After I ventured onto other boards, I can see some of our IVF mama's are due but since we dont post certain things in our signatures there, one has to stalk other boards to find it out!! Wink Thats great! I am happy for you!!

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woo hoo mama! You keep baking those little ones. You will have more than enough to do once they are here - relax and enjoy the bed rest as much as you can. It really truly does help. My cervix was made of steel too and I think that helps us keep three in there. Smile

so glad you are still doing good. Amazingly happy baby C got back with the game plan!! I was hoping to see an update from you since I hopped on here for the first time in forever it seems. Again, really glad you are doing good. Great decision to consult with a second dr.