Need Advice on Twin Boy Names

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Need Advice on Twin Boy Names

Hello everyone! We are having twin boys and are due in March. Having a bit of trouble with names, because as you know with twins, you sort of want the names to complement each other... First names are finalized and are Colin and Cruse. The middle names, well, ?? We like Cruse Hudson.. but what would go with Colin that would be along the name line as Hudson....

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hmmm.. no real advice on names, but congrats on twin boys. That is what we are having as well. And our oldest is a boy too.

Colin Christopher?

Good luck with the naming process!


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Nymbler - Your Personal Baby Name Assistant You put in names you like, and come up with similar ones.

These are ones I like:


If you are not sold on Colin and Cruse, you could consider other C names, Cooper, Carter, Chase, Carson. You might find a middle name that goes with them easier.

:goodluck: Naming two at at time can't be easy!

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Those are some good ideas. What about Matthew, Alexander, Wyatt.... I like the other name suggestions too. We did not coordinate our twin names, and I think that is okay too. Our girls are individuals, so we chose names like we would for a singleton. Everyone is different in how they name their multiples though. I do like your name choices and I hope that you find a a great middle name that you love.