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I am not really freaking out just super excited and feeling really blessed to have two babies on the way. I am still asking myself HOW?!?!?!?! But just like the tech said when I told her there was no family history... She said "there is now!" I did read an article (on slate.com) that gave some explanations for the rise in multiple births, so I guess maybe I fall into the older mom, more FSH category, lol. I just turned 33.
It all depends. Fraternal twins tend to have the family history or older mom stat tied to them, although I am sure there are many families that are the first to have fraternal twins. Someone has to be the first at some point, right? Identical twins can happen to anyone. The splitting of an egg tends to be a random event. No family history needed there. I hope the anatomy scan goes well. I loved it when they set the scan to check the blood flow in the cords. It was really neat to see the colors on the u/s machine. Maybe I am just crazy to think that is cool though.