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new here

Looks like I get to join here at my 8 week apt I got the suprise of my life, found out we weren't just expecting baby#3 but #4 as well. I am still in shock!!!

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Wecome!!! What a wonderful suprise it is Smile

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Congrats and welcome to the multiples world. Get as much sleep as you can now because after about 24 weeks you'll be too comfortable sleep...and then the babies arrive! Congrats and KUP on your progress.

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Welcome!! I'm also expecting #3 and #4. Quite the surprise! Now I have a buddy here!

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Congrats! So exciting. My twins were also #3 and #4. Smile

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Congrats!!! They truly are blessing!! I wouldn't have it any other way!

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Oh yes I remember the shock of my 12wk scan and finding #4 and! Congrats and welcome!

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